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  • My message was too long. Also, in B of LA I was able to get one Palapa on the beach at least it has some walls to stop the wind. I am sure we won't have a problem in Cabo. I sent a message to NORRA stating how ridiculous it is that the only way we can get rooms in the little towns is by using BajaVoyagers. Beth Bills (Jay Bills #203)
    Hello. I was able to make reservations last night in Ensenada (San Nicholas -, San Felipe (San Felipe Marina Resort - booked w/ although I think we are going to rent a house instead there are many & cheaper, Loreto (Hotel Desert Inn- and La Paz (City Express - I booked on their website).
    Not my intention to be a jerk, but on the 97 issue, I just feel opinion wise, thete is no equity. I know you are a straight shooter, I apologize if you felt I came on 2 strong with my comments.
    P. V.
    Zambo Where are you? "I Trust Rudy with my life" Does this still apply? Gotta say you did start the fastest building thread on RDC, too bad you will only be remembered as the D-Bag who started it! p.s. you need to change your bio where its says" LIKES: "of course racing!" to "LIKES: off course racing"
    I'd say your 10 years of trusting Rudy just came to an end!
    If Rudy is the most stand up guy you know, you hang out with alot of losers!
    Why don't you come back to your thread COWARD?
    Remember calling me GAY? I forwarded your post to SWA management.
    Your stand up buddy calling me a. "RETARD" -my Facebook and pm blew up from disgusted family members w special needs children telling me how much they hate that word! I bet Clyde Stacy is sooooo pisssed right now! You and you alone are responsible for Clyde Stacy's Speed Energy Team being synonymous with CHEATING! Thanks also for the character assassination by calling me a DRUG PEDDLER! I pay 4.4 million in taxes every year and donate 2 million dollars a year to UCLA children's hospital from DRUG PEDDLING you d bag!

    I hope you lose your f n job over this! I know alot of gays work for SWA!
    Dave, I'm not calling Casey. Rudy was right there with Casey at the finish and had a long conversation about the protest process. Casey told Rudy flat out that the truck was protested and I trust Rudy with my life. Rudy asked about the 500 bucks and Casey said that it was only for engine inspections, not for stuff like track width. But make no mistake, someone brought an "informal" protest to Casey and he acted on it rather than make the person go thru the formal process that is in the rule book, and that is what my thread is about. Its not about you. I have know Rudy for over a decade and he is one of the most upstanding people you will ever meet and has no reason to lie. If the inspection was normal post race tech Casey would have said so but he said flat out that someone was disputing the width of the truck.
    just use simple Casey and ask him if anybody protested...once he says NO...ask him agian so you have a second opinion. again NOBODY PROTESTED..ok do i have to tatoo your fuc king forehead? NOBODY PROTESTED!
    So who is the whistle dick who protested? Hello Genius...nobody protested....Do you always start BS? Thanks for being aan easy target Douchebag! once again NOBODY PROTESTED YOU MORON! I suggest you apologize on the thread if your a real man!
    Well, I had been toying with ideas for the Lord Humungous and one of the ideas was to paint it like an old Marine Corsair from WWII. So we played around with that for a while but those planes weren't as colorful as some of the Army Air Corps planes that were in Europe so we toyed with that too. Kent had an online competition with various graphic artists to come up with a general design and after we picked one, Kent worked with a design artist to come up with the nose art and the final design. It took a long time and a lot of effort but I think that it came out pretty awesome. We wanted to give it a warbird flavor without making it look 'too' military and I think we did a pretty good job. Thanks for the compliment!
    Man if it was up to me we'd race every race. We have some big changes coming but I can't talk about 'em just yet. Good luck in the race, I'll be pulling for you!
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