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  • No sweat John, we had a great time and you all have a great jeep! Hopefully we'll see ya at V2R.
    That video was great lmao for some reason it won't let me give you rep points but I will when it's working thanks for the laugh
    I tried to rep you after the platoon and army strong post but it says I have to spread it around first, so I owe you! hahahahahhaa
    Oh yeah, I'm looking forward to meeting as many of my fellow smack talkers as possible. C-ya
    You ready for Primm? LOL The smack talk has hit an all time high today I think!!! hahahaha See you there!
    I'd love to help you blublck but I can write just about everything I know about bugs on the back of a stamp with a crayon. I would say that I know a LITTLE about shocks, just happens I had to figure out the spring rate on my own truck I called around a learned a little bit. I would HIGHLY suggest calling Bill Varnes at Mirage with your questions, he really is the man when it comes to this stuff. Even if you pay a buck or two more for your springs (and I'm not saying you will) at least you won't make an expensive mistake ordering the wrong springs.
    Hey man, you seem to know a lot about suspensions, just thought i'd ask you a question. I am running 14" triple bypass on the rear of my baja bug and planning on running 12" coilovers do you think 350 450 is too much or should I go with 300 400? I am running a 1915 engine 6 rib transmission, 3x3's,and a 22 gallon fuel cell just so you can get an idea of how heavy the rear is. Thanks
    Hey Trent, we're racing the whole series. We didn't know earlier while that other thread was raging what the plan was but as of now we're racing the whoel BITD series, plus the Mint because of the GT sponsorship, plus the 1000 simply because its the friggin 1000! We'll see ya'll there.
    Sitting second in points to start the season any thoughts if you guys are going to run the TT 250 at Primm for BITD? I know your next race is the Mint obviously, but just curious???
    I think the cast steel cover would be much stronger, more resistant to bending, if you do hit hard enough to shatter that cover you are going to demolish a pressed sheet metal cover anyway, and with the control arms you are going to have much bigger troubles than blown diff cover.
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