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    AlertTrax and RacingTrax for V2r...stopped vehicle detection?

    From the German Family Racing: we would like to thank RacingTrax for this product. It was used throughout the course, by us and others. It seemed to work perfectly in every case from our seats. We were hesitant at first with the new technology, but it was priceless. Thank you!
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    #78 Chris German 2017 Mint 400 Video Recap Feature

    Awesome video Turn2TV. Well done.
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    Mint 400 @@ PICTURES @@ from mile 35.7

    No, we made no changes. It is still 8 class legal. Thank You!
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    Mint 400 @@ PICTURES @@ from mile 35.7

    There are a lot of great shots! Do you have any of Trick Truck 78? It is Chris Germans Truck. He use to run it as a Class 8000. Thank You, Joe
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    2017 Mint 400 Entry List & Sports Book Betting

    I'm putting my money on Chris German in 78 - he won last year! --- as a Class 8. I like the underdogs.
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    Chris German #8030 Goes Back to Back in Class 8000...Season VIDEO

    GermanFamilyRacing on FB and on Instagram
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    VIDEO-8030 Vegas to Reno with crash!

    We are back up and Racing! Don and Chris did a great job repairing the damaged parts and had it racing at the 2016 Blue Water Challenge! August 19th 2016 The tree: How we landed: KITTY II Drove out on her own power!
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    Mint 400 @@ PICTURES @@ from RM36.

    Thank You!
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    Mint 400 @@ PICTURES @@ from RM36.

    Do you have any 8030. Great Shots.
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    2015 BITD Class 8000 Champion Season Video

    Great video! Great family.
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    Who's Working on a Class 8000

    Congratulations Chris German with the 2015 Vegas to Reno 1st Place Win in Class 8000. German's 8030 truck did great!
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    2015 Vegas to Reno Official coverage thread

    Congratulations to Chris German for his 1st Place Win in Class 8000. Even though his engine was not running right he was able to take it easy and bring 8030 in for a win!
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    Who's Working on a Class 8000

    Yeah, but the Germans are winners....
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    MINT 400, who will win??

    Class 8 - Don and Chris German. Truck 8030