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  • pura cura :D I gotta give as much as I can while we're on top, porque quien sabe donde vamos estar en un mez, lol
    My brother and I at one time thought about renting a TL, and race once. we can't afford it but we sure would sacrifice for a good ten years of credit card dept. LOL
    i saw you quote me in the TL thread and I dont understand your response... Could ya clarify it for me. thx
    What up. My name is Brenden. You know my father in law Karl Counce. I saw you at rogers and rogers the other day.
    I hope you great health!!! I know of many people who have had great success with IV weight loss center in El Centro, including my wife..... go and check it out, and puhleeze get healthy and back to work!!!!!!
    Ok, for real, no lie, you need to get back to work befor that crazy ass angulo runs the whole operation into the ground!!!!!!! f*&$%# I can't hold out much longer!!!!! dude, puhleeze!!!
    I received my CD the other day, it's great! Good Work. Thanks again.
    I hope to get another one some time but not for being the last finisher :)
    What is up big dog? good luck with the knee, im trying to figure out how to get to the dash!!!
    get your ass back to work!! lol see you after the holidays!! lol!!
    Hi! I was reading your post regarding the '08 Superstition. I took a look at your website and couldnt find any pics of that race. #1665 in particular. Can you point me in the right direction?
    hey hola, platicamos en plaster city, nosotros estabamos probando un clase 1 blanco y tu llegaste en tu LandRover, y nos tomaste unas fotos, podria pedirte unas copias de esas fotos

    Hey, Im trying to approve the friend request, doesn't seem to do anything when I press the button, will keep trying.
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