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  • Hi,

    Headed to San Felipe today. I will be in a black COPS Tacoma Chase 3 - if you can find me, I have a hat a shirt for you. On race day I might be at RM69 and RM100, then *somewhere*.

    Happy SF250!

    do you mind if I share that nice photo of TT50 with COPS Racing team? Maybe I can get you a t-shirt or hat for the photo>? Let me know. THanks for sharing your video and photos of la Rumorosa.
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    no problem Dough its an honor, only one question when are you going to post that short interview you did to me about how did i obtain that piece of carbon fiber tail light of the TDI Touareg, remember.. here is my address P.M.B. 7531 233 paulin av
    calexico ca 92231
    a shirt from wicked gravity will be nice to
    where is my shirt and hat?
    either you have someone blowing tons of smoke or try buying some good peppermint repellent cause it was mayhem.
    and we had bees hosting our camp, lots of them, and we tried killing them at first but then hundreds more show up for the dead bees funeral
    jaime for 3 consecutive years we saw the 500 at cohabuso junction, that is like 20 miles from where you are going to be, right?
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