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  • hey paul, reference my recent thread on the fab section. do you know anybody local to us that would be able to handle the ring rolled square i need. Thanks!
    Don't know if you every got my reply, so here ya go.

    The shop is doing good. I think we are starting to pick up will hopefully be getting busy real soon. How are you doing? Are you still working at Pro Armor or are you full time on your own again? Anyways I hope you are doing well and staying busy, you can come by our shop anytime you want, it's not far from your shop. We are off of Central and Shaefer in Chino. I've been telling my partner about your place and the million dollars in tools you have, LOL. If you are around we would like to come check it out sometime.
    We will try. The truck is prepped WELL. So now its in God's hands..... Pray for us....

    Paul - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!!!! 30?!?! I'm pretty sure I have shoes older than you!!! LOL!

    All the best! Enjoy!


    Tony B.
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