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  1. Racing Ron

    Riviera Racing / Mark Post on Apple Website

    Hope it's not a re-post. Very cool to see this morning. http://www.apple.com/ipad/life-on-ipad/gearing-up-for-the-win/
  2. Racing Ron

    World Championship questions

    Maybe I'm not looking in the right spot but can't seem to find anything in print other than the original press release. I've gathered the "must run 3 of the 4 HDRA races with Reno 500 mandatory, and all 3 SCORE races mandatory". I sponsor most of the winning short course teams and a few desert...
  3. Racing Ron

    Camels, Longhorns, White Tails and.....Trophy Trucks

    Yep - just got home from an Awesome visit to the Texana Ranch in Blackwell, Texas. The Beal family has developed a first class hunting and now...Off Road destination. Carl has got to be one of the coolest, funniest guys to ever meet. How many people get to drive a Geiser TT every day? Might...
  4. Racing Ron

    Baja 1000 data from IRC Website

    Not sure if this has been posted - if so just kill the thread. From IRC site, time data to each 100 mile point. I put it in numerical order here.
  5. Racing Ron

    Bajalite. Motive Gear. Tubeworks. Baja 500.

    Motive Gear and Tubeworks announce a long term commitment to the 3000 Class and the Bajalite program. Motive Gear makes the ring and pinion gears desert racers and short course racers count on, and partnered with Tubeworks power race winners and Champions. Both companies see a future witrh...
  6. Racing Ron

    Fox 2.5 bypass questions for tuning gurus

    This is for the front my sons Jeepspeed. I came across a set of new Fox triple bypass that may have been custom made for short course and I'm wondering if it's worth even trying to use them. They are within 1/2" of correct travel (max. by rules 10", these are 9.5") but have two rebound tubes...
  7. Racing Ron

    PAB Killlin' it on ESPN X-Games

    I'm sure this will get moved to TV and Film section, but had to shout it out - PAB's doing a great job on the boob tube! Bubba, Deegan, MC, Windham, Carmichael and PAB. Awesome.
  8. Racing Ron

    RJ and Renezeder at Glen Helen MX National

    Who was there to see it in person? I was listening live on the internet as Carl was roosting the MX track and RJ was interviewed - at the Lucas Oil Outdoor MX! RJ showed a lot of class and respect to Carl and Lucas. Great job to Carl, RJ and Lucas to promote SC Off Road!
  9. Racing Ron

    Casey Currie at Elsinore....

    Ok, so while we all wait to see the outcome of Promoter Wars 2009, the racers need to keep sharp and have some fun. While waiting to test some new stuff on his Pro Lite, Casey’s been racing his Kawasaki KX250f in the desert, turning laps at the track, training on some gnarly trails with 12-time...
  10. Racing Ron

    Hola from Ron (Alloy USA)

    Ron Stobaugh here - needed a new username as I'm no longer with Alloy USA. New gig is TEN Factory - part of the Motive Gear family. We'll have the same stuff, axles etc, but will be adding a bunch of new drivetrain components. We'll still be working with some of the TT teams, and Jeepspeed as...