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  1. Racing Ron

    3714 Jeepspeed crushes UTV at Mint

    Yes UTV needs to be sure he can complete the pass, but the Jeep isn't going fast enough to prevent him from grabbing a quick glance before the quick lane change, and with little dust, no real excuse for not seeing the other vehicle. And WTH are your co-dogs doing during the race? You can't get...
  2. Racing Ron

    ★ Dakar 2019 - Stage 8: San Juan de Marcona > Pisco

    I can tell you the quote to run a 2nd Gordoni was going to be much more than that, but I'm not posting RG's business #'s on here.
  3. Racing Ron

    ★ Dakar 2019 - Stage 8: San Juan de Marcona > Pisco

    Robby identified a loophole that would allow him to run the XX in the car class (under SCORE rules) and still fuel with the bikes and UTV's, as the XX can't carry enough fuel for the entire stage. Late in 9th inning, ASO closed the loophole, saying if you need to fuel, even if in the car class...
  4. Racing Ron

    Closest testing area to CO?

    We've got a few places to test trucks, but nothing for garment storage. Sorry amigo.
  5. Racing Ron

    On Topic Mint 400 tv show..

    Good show! Would have been even better if they got the winner correct in 3000, just sayin'
  6. Racing Ron

    MINT 400 Pit accident 100% inexperience

    Really? Unless you're changing the driveshaft while the tires are on the ground, tell me how much time you lose putting jack stands under the truck while changing the driveshaft?
  7. Racing Ron

    So who has the time to write an off road protocol manual?

    We teach most of this as part of our classroom sessions, and trust me, written over a 1/2 page 80% will not read it. It must be discussed, and keep the racers engaged. Multiple small sessions over the year, or all entered new teams before the race (as mentioned, connected to drivers meeting, but...
  8. Racing Ron

    Mint 400 entry limit by qualifying ?

    People may not skip the Mint if no points, BUT racers WILL skip other BITD races if their chance at a Championship is lost because of not getting in the Mint. Bad business for BITD.
  9. Racing Ron

    Parker 425 lost and found

    Our TL team lost a spare (Ultra/Yokahama stamped 6076) with some help from an "orange 10 car". Don't know the whole story, just want to get the tire/wheel back.
  10. Racing Ron

    Rest In Peace Chad Ragland

    Speechless as well, while around Chad desert racing for years, I really got to know him working with him at KOH. He was the nicest, most professional on air talent you could meet. Vaya con dios amigo.
  11. Racing Ron

    Dirt Sports + Off-Road Magazine dead...

    Good luck. I don't think all mags will die, just as books have not, but it won't get any easier.
  12. Racing Ron

    Dirt Sports + Off-Road Magazine dead...

    But ...wait...TEN was here a few months ago and things were "solid", "growing", and I should buy $3k worth of ads each month. I'm sure it's got to be tough in the print biz today, but every owner of the off road titles after Petersen has dropped the ball in my opinion. When they DID have the...
  13. Racing Ron

    The Mint 400 Decanter is coming back!

    If you're still trying to find some good whiskey to put in a cool decanter, try my buddies at Dry Diggings Distillery near Sacramento. Awesome in house crafted whiskeys, and into desert racing. Contact is Cris - already sent him this thread to read. Whiskey | Sacramento | Dry Diggings Distillery
  14. Racing Ron


    Yeah it's pretty Open now. We bumped up to 7 at the 500 in our 4cy. BajaLite, there are 39" tires on some, 450-hp+ v6's (we rocked 220!), Shaffer skinned his 10 car with truck glass for the 1000. All legal as the rules are today. Makes for a strange class. But the benefit is a bigger class...
  15. Racing Ron

    PRERUN the 2017 baja1000 from your couch is BACK!!!!

    If you can't make the pre run - DO THIS! If you care about kids that need a break, and have some wonderful people trying very hard to help them - DO THIS! And if you do pre run, and want to win, DO THIS! Thanks Pete.
  16. Racing Ron

    Jalopnik running a Bajalite at the 500

    I hear ya Pete, always ready to listen to mechanical advice. Please hold, however, on the sponsorship advice. sent from my iPhone in line behind Cam at the bank cashing sponsorship checks
  17. Racing Ron

    Jalopnik running a Bajalite at the 500

    For the record - we race for fun, but mostly for business. We have sponsors and clients involved, in different ways. Some is straightforward, others more complex. Sometimes, decisions are made that complicate it even further. In this case, we had the option of running race wheels. The truck...
  18. Racing Ron

    Jalopnik running a Bajalite at the 500

    Love you Pete. Did you tighten the torque converter bolts at last years 500? Cheers mate!
  19. Racing Ron

    Jalopnik running a Bajalite at the 500

    Well, here's the latest article from Andrew, and the video from El Rey Network. We were asked to keep our 500 story off social media until they released the video. There is a story behind the problem that took us out, and I'll explain and take the blame. Check it out...
  20. Racing Ron

    El Rey network to air entire SCORE season

    Anyone watch the 500 show? Thoughts? Maybe I missed a thread about the coverage?