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    V to R Spectating

    Would like to spectate this year near Goldfield. Anyone know if the course will gain any altitude in the Goldfield or even Tonopah areas so temps might be tolerable for spectating? Maybe a section in Pinyon? Juniper forest?
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    Camping near pit 4/ mineral wash , parker 425

    Looking to camp somewhere near pit 4, mineral king wash, parker 425. Planning to head out there Friday morning, leave Sunday morning. Just a couple guys in a pick up truck and maybe we'll bring motorcycles. Is this a good area to camp and possibly find a good spot or two to watch the race?
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    Parker 425 camping/ spectating

    Never been to the parker race and would like to head out there for a couple days. Looking for a free tent camping spot that I can check out the race action from. Any suggestions?