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  1. CDN11

    Gordon Officially Disquallyfied

    http://www.motorsport-total.com/rallye/news/2012/04/Dakar_2012_Gordon_verliert_nachtraeglich_Platz_fuenf_12041002.html It states that Gordon has officially lost his fifth place position. The commissioners reason was that he gained an advantage with the system that he employed.
  2. CDN11

    Sexual Misconduct

    http://www.marathonrally.com/news/sa_dakar_volkswagen_aufruhr_kris_nissen_mit_sexueller_n_tigung.17180.0.html The above article states that Kris Nissen the manager for VW is being investigated for sexual misconduct. It is hoped that the matter can be dealt with when the team returns to...
  3. CDN11

    Suffering from DAKAR withdrawal?

    Follow the Budapest to Bamako Rally. No factory cars it is open to all kinds of vehicles, very interesting, it's an amateur rally. It can be followed on marathonrally.com as well as http://www.budapestbamako.org/en/
  4. CDN11

    Africa Rally Cancelled

    http://www.marathonrally.com/news/headline_aso_to_stop_hubert_auriol_s_africa_race_rally.10990.0.html By this report it appears as if the Africa Rally will be cancelled it was due to start December 26th. A great shame, there could have been some more very fine competitors in the...
  5. CDN11

    Rally Tunisia

    http://www.npolive.com/en/ A link to Rally Tunisia, it appears to be a very tough event, some say it surpasses "Dakar", it is to bad that the regular "Dakar Competitors" are not there. It looks like good Hummer ground. The website is awesome the tracking with "Google" is just great. I...
  6. CDN11

    Hello Folks

    My name is CDN11 I live in Canada and have rallied in the 60's. I am retired and follow Motorsports in general, however my my favorite Motorsport events are Dakar and 24 Hour Le Mans. I occupy my free time flyfishing.