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  1. Ryan_P

    Rigid Industries acquired by Truck-Lite Co.

    For those that don't know, Truck-Lite is owned by Roger Penske. Truck-Lite Co., LLC has acquired LED lighting manufacturer Rigid Industries. With this acquisition, Truck-Lite says it continues to expand its offering of the industry’s most diverse lighting product lines, with options for...
  2. Ryan_P

    Baja 1000 Prerun - Bay of LA to Loreto

    I know the "official" map has yet to be released, but we all know the approx. race course. I just wanted to get a head start and a jump on planning. I'm curious if anyone on here is running the section from around Bay of LA to Loreto, or maybe a bit further? I will be doing this section and...
  3. Ryan_P

    DFT Customer for Life!

    HUUUUUUGE thanks to Daniel and Dave Folts. Went testing on Sunday and developed a transmission whine. Thought it was a throwout bearing, not so much. Made a call to DFT on Monday, thought no way they'd be working, and they were. Daniel said it could be a main shaft bearing and said he could replace it...
  4. Ryan_P

    BTR 15x4 Beadlock Availability?

    Looking for (5) five BTR 15x4 beadlock wheels. I called Butchs Speed Shop after calling McKenzies and getting, "they are about two weeks out". No dice. Anyone know where some may be available? Thanks in advance.
  5. Ryan_P

    Brian Ickler

    Doing a little searching online and I found some interesting stuff. It says on Brian's website that he'll be doing 10 races in the #51 Miccosukee Resorts Toyota in the Camping World Truck Series! Looks like being buddy buddy with Kyle Busch pays off. Glad to see someone sees the potential in...
  6. Ryan_P

    Tools Stolen - Ramada Inn - Barstow, Ca

    I am posting this for a friend, Ray Butcher: Last night, November 11th, they had a tool chest stolen out of the back of their tow vehicle containing aprox. $7k in tools! If anyone has any information and/or can help lead to the conviction or help with finding the tools, please contact Ray...
  7. Ryan_P

    Bringing Av Gas To Mexico?

    Ok, I did a search and was unsuccessful, but I have an important question to ask about bringing gas to Mexico. I am trying to plan a trip to Mexico, but my problem is that I need 100 octane leaded Av gas to run in my car. However, I was told that I won't be able to bring the gas accross the...
  8. Ryan_P

    2'' Hallow Snout on Combo Spindle?

    I was thinking about buying combo spindle like used on a VW front end, then getting a set of Kartek's 2'' Hallow snouts and fabricating the backing plate onto the upright. I was wondering if there would be enough clearance of the arms at full steer lock so they don't hit the arms, or if anyone...
  9. Ryan_P

    Back Again!

    Well, I am a long time reader and have been posting for a while. Took a break to get things sorted out and what not, and, now I am back! ha I have noticed quite a few people on here and hope soon to meet some of you on the board. Take care. -Ryan
  10. Ryan_P

    Travis Pastrana Racing a TT???

    Travid Pastrana was thrown into a TT and I guess he was extremelt fast and he said that he was gonna have a truck built and start racing....does anyone know if he has made any progress? does he have a team? joining someone? etc.
  11. Ryan_P

    Herbst Trophy Truck Rumor???

    I was told that from the helicopter that follows the trophy truck and the truggy that the can dial in the shocks using servo's hooked to the bypass shocks. I was wondering if that is true because if so, wow, only Herbst would have some intense stuff like that.....
  12. Ryan_P

    My name is.....

    <font color="red"> </font color> Hi, my name is Ryan Plowman. I am 17 years and absolutley love the off-road community 100%. Me and all my friends are all into it together, maybe that is how we are friends. I got into off-road from my friend Andrew Neal(Neal1613). He has a 1600 race car and...