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  1. SEANY

    Driving a raptor from Barstow to Vegas?

    Does anyone have a map or tips for this trip? My buddy wants to do it and ask if I knew the way, I don't but I know someone on here must. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. SEANY

    Randy Johnson shooting LOORRS AZ

    I'm a HUGE baseball fan and when I saw Randy Johnson in a media get up shooting photos I was like a school kid. I never got the chance to say hi but I hope he makes it out too more races. I guess he was the guest speaker at the chapel service also. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. SEANY

    Info on welding certifications

    I'm interested in getting my welding certification and need a little info like, what different test are there, which ones benefit you the most, is there a general cert? Any info would be great!
  4. SEANY

    Kyle Leduc and JCRI Reno race recap

  5. SEANY

    JCRI and Kyle LeDuc give fans of Utah a race to remember

  6. SEANY

    Rampage over Fedor?

    I heard Bj Baldwin drive Rampage over Fedor in the 1000 due to room and comfort, but now he's running Rampage at Henderson. What's the deal? Man it must be nice to choose which TT you wanna drive lol?
  7. SEANY

    Scott Taylor's contact info

    I need to get in contact with him regarding some machine work ASAP.
  8. SEANY

    Vintage Mickey Thompson three steering wheel arcade game

    I have one with the "track pack" in great condition and it needs to go. email me at sean.hodgdon@yahoo.com
  9. SEANY

    FREE pro lite body!!

    We have a hood, front fenders, roof, and doors that we will give away to anyone that will pick it up. It's all fiber works stuff. It's been mounted but never ran. Perfect condition. Pm me if you want it.
  10. SEANY

    Maybe in 2012?

    I know there was a thread about this a while back but I still dont get it. What happen to all these V8 guys coming to LOORRS, everyone cried that this was the way to go an honestly I didnt see much done about it other than talk. Casey Currie and Daugtry were the only two consistent V8 trucks. RJ...
  11. SEANY

    The art of flight!

    This movie is epic!!! If you have blue ray and a good tv it will blow your mind. It was done by red bull, look up the trailer on you tube!!
  12. SEANY

    Recommendations on CAD?

    I really want to further my knowledge of fabrication and would like to get schooled in CAD. Does anyone have a school they recommend in the SoCal area?
  13. SEANY

    Angels baseball!!!

    The machine, cj wilson!!! Are you kidding me!!!! This is awesome!!!!
  14. SEANY

    Another little project

    Built this seat belt mount for my boss today, though I would show it off.
  15. SEANY

    Media contact for Lucas

    I tried emailing Poppy at Lucas to get some information about tv ratings and other information for our resume and haven't gotten a response. Does anyone have a current email or something that can help?
  16. SEANY

    Gettin it like Dale Jr.!!!

    You gotta check this out: http://brk.to/1h9p
  17. SEANY

    Anyone traveling from AZ to CA soon?

    I have a TT body I need picked up, Im not in a huge hurry for it. Thanks to anyone who can make this happen. I will also be in Vegas for sema and the LOORRS race so that could work also.
  18. SEANY

    ***who's testing at glen Helen Monday?***

    We are in dire need of a test day but glen Helen is rented Monday and will not rent the track out after Monday for another week. I need to get on the track ASAP or Vegas might be out of the question for us. We would appreciate the help if anyone knows. We would love to save you money and spilt...
  19. SEANY

    Polaris Ranger pit vehicle build

    Here is our Ranger we use to pit our pro lite in the Lucas series. I'm sick of the bed being a mess at the races and super unorganized. Stuff rattles around and bugs the crap out of me plus it looks un professional. So with a small break in our racing action I'm gonna fix her up a bit. I took...
  20. SEANY

    Tekin hotwire

    I recently got a tekin speed control and motor for my truck and the hotwire system is pretty sweet besides that fact that it doesnt work on mac! Anyone know if theres a file or program that I can get to make it work on my mac?