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  1. J

    UTV race video

    Cool vid. That's was a pretty extreme race.
  2. J

    Another offroad game, Dakar 18

    Tried this game. Graphic design is impressive though the gameplay is not the best.
  3. J

    What GPS to buy?

    I don't do racing also but I have the MotionX-GPS on my phone. This app works great for setting waypoints and tracking.
  4. J

    From Abu Dhabi

    So that's how you clear people out. :D
  5. J

    "Jolene" my 2000 GMC Pre-Runner Project

    Looking great so far. Looking forward to seeing more updates and pics.
  6. J

    2019 NORRA M1K Bronco Build

    Nice project. Any info about the engine?
  7. J

    Pics of Karmann Ghia race cars?

    Cool. So nice to see those vintage Karmann Ghias.
  8. J

    Mountain Bikes - Who rides and races? Post your bikes.

    Nice bike! Does it have 27.5” or 29” wheels?
  9. J

    2018 Off-Road Expo photos

    Those off-road machines are really cool. Thanks for sharing.
  10. J

    The Best Cordless Impact?

    I have a Milwaukee M18 for 4 years now and it has never let me down.
  11. J

    UTV Race Radio

    I agree that the antenna design and location is more important.