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  1. offrdmania

    1996 F150 buil-up

    Thats crazy, my parents live in Templeton. Dont hurt the small side windows on the ext cab part. They are close to $600 each to replace new and almost half that in a junk yard.
  2. offrdmania

    1996 F150 buil-up

    You got a smoking deal on that cab. Plus, they are very hard to find in good condition
  3. offrdmania

    1996 F150 buil-up

    Start the project out with some pics of what you have to start with and take pics as you accumulate parts and start moving forward with the project
  4. offrdmania

    97 F250 Diesel Prerunner

    Hey 41, make me an offer : )
  5. offrdmania

    97 F250 Diesel Prerunner

    Im considering picking up some Eibach 12"x600lb tender coils and some 16"x750lb main coils. Anyone have some used ones they want to get rid of?
  6. offrdmania

    Id say I would have to ask 11K or best offer

    Id say I would have to ask 11K or best offer
  7. offrdmania

    97 F250 Diesel Prerunner

    Maybe ill drop the main coil down to a 750 and see how it rides. On a 14x2.5 shock, its usually a 12 inch over a 16 inch coil right?
  8. offrdmania

    97 F250 Diesel Prerunner

    But how many do you know of with a 7.3 diesel?
  9. offrdmania

    97 F250 Diesel Prerunner

    Yeah, its 600 over 900. Look at the pic on the last page and you will see how big the coil is. I ran 550 over 700 on my old 02 F1 and it was perfect and that was only a 5.4
  10. offrdmania

    97 F250 Diesel Prerunner

    On the road it a bit more stiff with the 900lb main coils, I havent had a chance to take it in the dirt yet due to the rear still being setup for towing
  11. offrdmania

    97 F250 Diesel Prerunner

    Then buy it from me ; )
  12. offrdmania

    97 F250 Diesel Prerunner

    mine has a poly transmission mount. Should last and hold up much better than the factory rubber one
  13. offrdmania

    97 F250 Diesel Prerunner

    Thread resurrected. Anyone have a mild (would prefer a decent LT front end) 97-03 F1 that they want to trade me?
  14. offrdmania

    Diesel Checkpoint in CA

    Glad my diesel is a 97 LOL
  15. offrdmania

    F350 Extended beams Steering Question

    So I picked up this F350 with extended beams and kingpin knuckles. Do they look like F450 brakes and knuckles to you? Im trying to flip the steering to the top of the knuckle and rebuild it to lessen the bump steer and need to figure out what taper size to drill. Please help if you know?
  16. offrdmania


    USF1 to Close Doors AP Headline March 2, 2010 Team US F1's Formula 1 hopes appeared to be over on Tuesday, with high-level sources revealing to AUTOSPORT that the outfit has now effectively closed down. Against the backdrop of weeks of uncertainty about the future of the American team...
  17. offrdmania

    I needed a really good laugh today and got it!

    Reminds me of these pages
  18. offrdmania

    Subaru WRX/STI Buildup to finish Baja 1000

    Why would you pay them in full?
  19. offrdmania

    Killeroffroad Fabrication

    I think I would list it as a mid-travel kit at best
  20. offrdmania

    2012 Delta Wing IndyCar

    Im still trying to figure out how they will work on a road coarse