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  1. offrdmania

    F350 Extended beams Steering Question

    So I picked up this F350 with extended beams and kingpin knuckles. Do they look like F450 brakes and knuckles to you? Im trying to flip the steering to the top of the knuckle and rebuild it to lessen the bump steer and need to figure out what taper size to drill. Please help if you know?
  2. offrdmania

    Universal Steel Air Filter Canister

    A few years back I saw where someone found a universal high flow steel air filter sealed canister. Im looking for a high flow filter with an open element but without being in the open, which can hold up to dust, sand and silt? I cant find that thread for the life of me now. Can anyone help?
  3. offrdmania

    Spare tire mounting plates

    Does anyone make spare tire mounting plates with studs to fab into a bed cage?
  4. offrdmania

    Anyone still have their stock bucket seats?

    I know a lot of you have pulled out your bucket seats to replace them with suspension seats. I need a stock drivers side bucket seat for a 92-96 F150 in gray.
  5. offrdmania

    Pictures of Ford Raptor Used at Baja 1000

    Does anyone have any pictures of the front and rear suspension from the Ford Raptor that raced the Baja 1000. Im trying to prove a point to someone that the stock suspension was not used. Ive seen a few tidbits and see bypasses in the rear but couldnt see the suspension up front. Please post if...
  6. offrdmania

    92-96 F150 Extended Cab Owners Please Help

    Above the rear bench seat and under the rear window is a pad which is the same width as the rear seat. How do you remove it? I dont see any visible screws and I dont want to just yank it and break something. Please help.
  7. offrdmania

    Aluminum inner fender wells in Central Cali?

    Looking for someone to fab up some aluminum inner fender wells for a truck im working on. The only problem is that im in central/northern Cali and cant get down to socal. Anyone up here?
  8. offrdmania

    Looking for Ford techs???

    97-f250, When I turn on the left blinker everything works ok, when I turn on the right blinker I can hear the tick tick tick under the dash, but the arrow on the dash does not light up and the right front bulb doesnt light up but the rear tail light is blinking away. When I turn on the...
  9. offrdmania

    97 F250 Diesel Prerunner

    So I picked this up last week from a kid in San Diego, it was beyond thrashed. It has taken me close to a week to get it cleaned up this much. Anyways, its a 97 F250 with a 7.3L diesel; its beamed up front 5.5 wider, 1" kingpins, 14" dual rate Sway-a-ways, 35's, glass, etc, etc. Its a starting...
  10. offrdmania

    Rear Bumpers

    I need some ideas for rear bumpers, post your pics so that I can get the creative juices flowing. Thanks