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  1. Ryan_P

    Robby Woods' #MillionDollarDiesel

    Props to Robby Woods, it looks super cool.
  2. Ryan_P

    Super Charged Trophy Truck?

    Too logical, that'll never happen.
  3. Ryan_P

    Solar Farms

    Thank you for understanding, and not creating a stupid rebuttal.
  4. Ryan_P

    Solar Farms

    You said dust limits efficiency, which is why we can't race around them. If there are clouds in the sky, the clouds limit efficiency. If it's windy, guess what, limits efficiency. Oh yeah, rain, yup, that too, limits efficiency.
  5. Ryan_P

    Solar Farms

    So do clouds. And rain. And wind, that naturally creates dust, in the desert.
  6. Ryan_P

    Class 10 BFG's

    They will be back at some point. Tested the car last weekend and put a good amount of miles on it. I have a crazy work schedule these days, but we are planning to race again this year.
  7. Ryan_P

    Class 10 BFG's

    Jason Coleman seems to be doing ok on 33's.
  8. Ryan_P

    Jeff Proctor Honda Racing Ridgeline Mint 400 Highlights Video

    That thing is really cool.
  9. Ryan_P

    Jefferies Race Teaser SF250

    Started as a BMS Chassis that Jefferies finished/tweaked. Similar to Householder's.
  10. Ryan_P

    Front Beam - Spindles and Bushing Grease

    I used Delo Heavy Duty EP.
  11. Ryan_P


    Looks way early for the turning brake. Almost sounds like down shifted twice and the back end broke loose.
  12. Ryan_P

    Mason Motorsports Trophy Truck build

    And the owner is...?
  13. Ryan_P

    Combining classes

    What's the difference between 3000 and 10, wheelbase?
  14. Ryan_P

    Mason Motorsports Trophy Truck build

    474ci? Damn. Good looking truck thus far.
  15. Ryan_P

    Who to have build a class 10 car

    That's because you were behind the wheel, that's not fair ha
  16. Ryan_P

    Whitney Inner... W. Inner... really???

    No, but Pillsbury does.
  17. Ryan_P

    Two racers injured, Mint 400 off road race temporarily stopped

    But those same people require us to pay +/- $300 for an IRC system that, well, sucks. Oh yeah, that's per race. Oh, and sometimes, they don't have enough, so those people that come late, aren't required. BS.
  18. Ryan_P

    When is it safe to unbuckle?

    It's far too easy to speak your mind behind a keyboard, until you're in that exact situation. Being upside down is no easy feeling, especially since the ride you took to get there wasn't exactly fun. You're not exactly sitting there thinking, "hmmm, well that was fun. I wonder if someone's...
  19. Ryan_P


    $30,000 to enter each race? Thank Craig Potts and Bruce Jenner for their TMZ post on that.
  20. Ryan_P

    PDM in use Offroad ?

    The problems people are having are not due the product, it's the programming of the product. PDM's are bad ass.