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    Ecotec EFI problems......

    I have a Redline 2.4 ecotec in a play car that has always ran perfectly until the last trip out it started this high idle problem. Car starts fine, runs fine, pulls hard but when you let off the throttle it idles at 2500 to 3000 RPM. Unfortunately, I live in Kansas and I do not have a shop...
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    Dualsport ride this weekend 3/29 - 3/30

    Short notice, but we are doing a dualsport ride this weekend starting in Yuma, staying in Parker Saturday night then back to Yuma on Sunday. Ride is about 175 miles each way with a fuel stop in Blythe. Our route takes us North on the AZ side then back South on the CA side. Fun route, not too...
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    GO see Dax Shepard's "Hit and Run" !!!

    So I was in Portland last weekend and had a chance to see an early screening of Hit and Run starring Dax Shepard, Kristin Bell, Tom Arnold, and Bradley Cooper among many other big stars. The movie is a blast, if you liked Smokey and the Bandit you will love Hit and Run. For us off road types...
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    Hey Toyota gurus...

    What is the correct fix for the weak head gaskets in the 3.0 v6? Is there one? Are you better off converting to the 3.4 and wrestling with the smog ref? Thanks.
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    Robby Woods is ........

    The freaking man! He put on quite a show at the Pala MX Nationals today launching his P2 up the big step - up which apparently really pissed off the AMA official who gave him a major ass chewing immediately afterwards! Someone post the video! Way to go Robby, the crowd LOVED it.
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    Awesome Traxxas publicity

    My question is why the hell doesn't the military give these out to the troops if they are so effective in saving lives? Probably not expensive enough for the pentagon.....cool story though...
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    What happened to Wardy?

    Did he lose interest or just not able to find a ride? He showed real potential....
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    Is Deegan moving up o moving out?

    Noticed his pro lites are for sale....is he (hopefully) moving into P2? just curious.....
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    NARROWED 9" for IRS application

    Who makes them? I know Tubeworks does but they are a little pricey for my little play car. I want to run the 9" with 930's....any suggestions?
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    Hey Lemons racers......

    The POS team just returned from the Fontana Chump Car race and we really liked racing with them. These guys are so cool and laid back it makes the racing a blast. Have a little contact? "Rubbing is racing" Drop a wheel off the pavement? No one cares. We had a great time and encourage all you...
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    Loors V-8 UL?

    Is LOORS going to follow TORQ with the V-8's in unlimited lite? Without getting into a big TORQ VS LOORS pissing match, I am just curious if there has been any serious discussion about it.
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    ChumpCar @ Fontana

    Anyone headed there this weekend? The F'ed up E30 will be there....a little warm up before Lemons T-Hill 2.
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    Dodge Driveline wobble

    I have tried some of the diesel forums without much luck so I thought I would post my issue here. I have a new to me 2005 QC short bed 4WD diesel that has a driveline wobble at about 64 mph. By reading other forums, it sounds like the long beds are easily cured with a one piece aluminum drive...
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    Mojave Road info needed.

    I am dual sporting the mojave trail next weekend with a couple of friends, does anyone here know how deep the water crossing is right now? Can we get through on bikes with no problems? Any recent info would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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    Max width on a Pro lite?

    What is the max width on a pro lite?
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    Elsinore Concerns

    Anyone else here concerned about the Elsinore rounds of the Lucas series? I am a long time Elsi MX rider and even with all it's faults I love that place....on my dirtbike at least. I do not see how they can possibly control the dust there with the P2,P4, and PL classes running. Add to it the...
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    Another smog question.....

    According to the DMV website, 1975 and older vehicles do not need the bi-annual inspection. I have been told however that vehicles 1966 thru 1975 will need to be smogged upon tranfer of ownership. So, if I buy a 1973 F100 it will need to be smogged once to get it into my name then hopefully...
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    I'll bet opec hates to see all this technology coming to light. Here is the article on Hondas new fuel cell car. All we need now is about 1,000,000 hydrogen fueling stations and we are set! http://green.yahoo.com/news/ap/20080616/ap_on_bi_ge/japan_honda.html Again this is not the FINAL...
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    Where is my 150 mpg car?

    Oh wait.....here it is. http://www.afstrinity.com/ (click on the xh button for a good technical overview) As usual, Detroit is sitting on its collective ass and will not co-op with these guys who really have something. CNN and FOX both have done features with this vehicle and they have...
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    So long Hedy....ooops I mean Hedley Lamar.

    Harvey Korman dead at 81. The world is a little less bright today, that guy was hilarious and a true class act. Godspeed.