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  1. Jonny$B

    Taking responsibility

    An employee of mine was down watching the baja 1000 and apparently when he was driving to another spot he was struck by a chase truck in a blind crest. Well the driver of the chase truck took responsibility and apologized and got my employees info. Well my employee showed up to work the other...
  2. Jonny$B

    Ridgecrest Info??

    I was wondering when any info will be given for the upcoming ridgecrest race? Along with pre entering and all that good stuff? for all I know is that its 250 miles and Id like to start planning now.
  3. Jonny$B

    ok here it is

    Im with sanden motorsports 1688...and i help chase for some other mdr guys here and there....lookin to buy a 16 for my self soon just finally thought id start throwing my thoughts in haha thanks guys
  4. Jonny$B

    Heyyyy man

    lets drink some beers