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  1. Dirt_Nyx

    Baja-Score Rescue Helicopter update/info needed

    I wouldn't make any assumption since that wasn't the case this past race. Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  2. Dirt_Nyx

    Baja-Score Rescue Helicopter update/info needed

    Would the helo be able to cross the international border and fly patients to USA hospitals? Or would the helo need to land at the nearest capable Mexico airport and the patient need to be transferred to an internationally cleared helo/plane? Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS...
  3. Dirt_Nyx

    Two racers injured, Mint 400 off road race temporarily stopped

    And they don't belong to SFI either. NORRA made a huge positive step forward when they became an SFI member (and kudos to Lucas Oil as well). It not only provides series/sanctions an avenue for having rules based on empirical data, it also provides a layer of liability protection for the...
  4. Dirt_Nyx

    Trophy Truck TV

    It only really makes a difference if that sponsor is selling a product that appeals to the masses. Energy drinks (as an example) are a product that could appeal and sell to almost anyone on the planet and are available at almost every corner convenience store and grocery store. TV exposure...
  5. Dirt_Nyx

    SCORE International gets fined by Federal Mexican Goverment

    . RN is already causing an exodus to BITD (all on his own) without the help of the Mexican government. Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  6. Dirt_Nyx

    2014 Baja 1000 Qualifying - I hope PR is wrong

    I'm sure the TT guys are looking forward to keeping their $400k+ race trucks outside for four days in the middle of Vegas!
  7. Dirt_Nyx

    Official 2014 SCORE San Felipe 250 Thread

    You're gonna help us out again....right?! :) Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  8. Dirt_Nyx

    Racing Suits

    Jerry Zaiden apparently prefers supporting companies that provide very little support to the off-road familia. LOL. Check out an Impact suit.....It's the Parker 425 presented by Impact after all! :) Many dealers such as Butch's, Kartek, Arciero, etc will have inventory and the Team One and...
  9. Dirt_Nyx


    Mike - it's the least we could do....Thanks for your ingenuity and providing us with the WX feed!!!
  10. Dirt_Nyx

    robbie pierce email

    Email sales@mastercraftsafety.com and the staff will forward.
  11. Dirt_Nyx

    Ear molds for ear plugs. Opinions and Questions.

    I really like these: http://www.racingelectronics.net/index.php?event=store&action=details&cat=ear_molds&item=RE4 Racing Electronics took my ear impressions at a NASCAR race and I had my custom ear molds a few weeks later.
  12. Dirt_Nyx

    SCORE Baja 500 Registration Open

    Our service fee on the entry was $67.77 for a total Pro entry fee of $2237.77. What is the "service fee" charge for?
  13. Dirt_Nyx

    SCORE-INT BAJA 250 2013/Roger Norman

    The outlets that I saw at media sign-up yesterday when I was signing in....local and stateside newspapers, industry magazines, other off-road news websites, videographers, photographers, yada yada yada. Why only exclude RDC but yet let all the other sites and entities in while proclaiming SCORE...
  14. Dirt_Nyx

    SCORE-INT BAJA 250 2013/Roger Norman

    Why does RN ban RDC from SCORE and HDRA yet let other online, print and broadcast outlets in? This obviously isn't because he wants to control ALL media otherwise he wouldn't let other outlets cover his events. What was the genesis of the ban and explanation provided by RN? Seems like emotion...
  15. Dirt_Nyx

    SF community selling stickers to keep the 250 alive !!

    What the....? That's one of the reasons the race became the MasterCraft Safety event. The sponsorship dollars MCS contributed paid most (if not all) of the land use fees when SCORE was owned by Sal.
  16. Dirt_Nyx

    SUNOCO Communication To SCORE Competitors And Off-Road Community

    LOL!!! "No way!" "WAY!" In all sincerity, Sunoco's response is very professional! Rob Marro's timely, clear and concise response to this adverse situation is exactly the type of leadership and answers the OffRoad community is looking for. Hopefully SCORE can also state their position in...
  17. Dirt_Nyx

    SCORE Fuel Mandate

    Sunoco walked away because your plan would have practically eliminated long-time Sunoco dealers Bill and Terry since all fuel would then HAVE to be purchased through ARS for SCORE and HDRA. Yes, Sunoco walked away from the deal....to protect a long time existing dealer. If you're gonna speak...
  18. Dirt_Nyx

    SCORE Fuel Mandate

    None of the SCORE or ARS reasons provided to date for The Fuel Mandate matter. Racers are still being forced to purchased from a single fuel supplier and that isn't good for the sport.
  19. Dirt_Nyx

    SCORE Fuel Mandate

    Regardless of TV and blah blah blah....the point is the racers are still being required to buy fuel from a SINGLE source. Not even direct from a fuel manufacturer but instead a third (maybe fourth) hand down the food fuel chain. Period. Not up for discussion. It opens the doors to only get a...