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  1. masleca

    2019: Why are TT's faster than Class 1 buggies?

    There's a BIG difference between "passing" 25 TT's, 14 One Cars, etc... and finishing ahead of 25 TT's, 14 One Cars............Try Again, Sparky 😜
  2. masleca

    On Topic delayed Baja 1000???

    How come I can't find the live tracking ????? 😜
  3. masleca

    What did you guys think of Millens maiden voyage ?

    Maybe another way to say that would be to say that there were a whole ton of Specs and 10's that fell back into the UTV's also ? Because there were also quite a few Specs and 10's that were able to check out. Whenever there's a major obstacle like this, the more experienced (...and the lucky...
  4. masleca

    Baja 500

    This video tells absolutely nothing........ If you look to Bryce's right there are 3 people standing on the side of the track. If you look in front of the middle guy, that is the actual LED Starting light. When we pulled up to the Start Line the official doing the count down motioned to EVERY...
  5. masleca

    Fishgistics World Trophy Truck Ranking Is Here!

    Sorry, yes....watched the vid......it's clearer now. To be clear....I was just making an observation. There was absolutely no intended criticism. I think this list is great and I applaud Fish & Co. for doing all the work......oil pumps be damned:p
  6. masleca

    Fishgistics World Trophy Truck Ranking Is Here!

    Hired Guns like LR probably get "screwed" a bit, because they are rarely Driver of Record...... I think Jason also wouldn't get credit for a couple of B1K wins, due to not being DOR. Fish, Is there weighting in the list for drivers who aren't DOR ? Still a great list and something to start with...
  7. masleca

    Johnny Angal Vegas to Reno Race Report

    Yeah !!! As usual Johnny...a no holds barred, great report. BTW.....You're making this site fun again
  8. masleca

    Fishgistics Baja 500 Wrapup Show

    .......and more Hang Loose signs....
  9. masleca

    Any results from the knotty pine race

    SNORE posted them on their Facebook page 1st OA - Fred Hatch in a Class 10 2nd OA - Sean Gilbert in Class 1 3rd OA - Bean in Class 5 4th OA - Vince Viola in a Class 10 5th OA - Rob Archibald in Class 12 Lots of Class 10, Class 1 and 1/2 1600 all within the next minute
  10. masleca

    On Topic 50th SCORE Baja 500

    Haha, I deserved that :) ........I was just trying to make the point that preparation is everything in Baja. Justin was mad because a better prepared team passed him, even though I bet he probably didn't know it was a legal pass at the time. He (and his chase truck) were going 37MPH in a 60MPH...
  11. masleca

    On Topic 50th SCORE Baja 500

    There's another Thread on this site talking about how useless the Co-driver's are....... Well this video (and the unshown part of the story) goes to show why preparation is EVERYTHING in Baja. This video only shows the angry after-product of a guy that got passed by a better prepared and better...
  12. masleca

    Calentura (Cross over trail) GPS file?

    Thanks Jnkie........I was just trying to help a brother out...... BTW TecateRay this is all VERY VERY public information for anyone to just go grab, but I do agree about the "adventure" going out of Baja with all of the digitization. I'm just trying to mix my old world with the New :) The 1st...
  13. masleca

    Calentura (Cross over trail) GPS file?

    Also, just went ahead and converted it......
  14. masleca

    Calentura (Cross over trail) GPS file?

    Here's a .gpx file, if you want it. Just use the GPSBabel to convert to .usr and you're in business !!!!
  15. masleca

    On Topic 50th SCORE Baja 500

    Great Work Fish !!! Great idea Bryan, maybe you can get Cam and Cody to help do a Stella Video ?? Not just how it works, nuts and bolts, but a walk-through on how experienced racers actually use it on the course. Even address jack-rabbits :)
  16. masleca

    SCORE working on ttspec RULES....IDEAS???

    Josh / Chris, It was great to see you guys post again........BUT the way this site is going over the last year or so, it wasn't going to end well !!! I think you knew that, though ;) I'm still trying to figure why I broke the "No Posting" rule too, haha Carry on.........
  17. masleca

    B1K Qualifying causing quite the controversy ....

    So.....we've got the PC post of the Qualifying Results by Driver of Record. Does anyone have the super secret list of WHO actually drove WHICH TRUCK ?? Just wonderin........ I hear tales of Brandon Arthur, Harley, Pat Dean, Matt L, Ryan Arc.,etc....