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  1. 450grl

    Cool Video of our SR1 Championship race at Glen Helen

    Here is a quick recap video of Round 4 of our SR1 Championship Series Race on Saturday at Glen Helen - held in conjunction with the Lucas Oil Regional Off Road Series - So Cal! This class is rediculously fast and fun!
  2. 450grl

    SR1 Recap Round 1 Lake Elsinore

    Pretty cool re-cap video from Round 1 of LOORRS and Round 1 the SR1 Champ Series! I love the big trucks, but if I'm gonna take a year off, I'm going to have fun doing it - lol!
  3. 450grl

    Pic links from LOORRS Las Vegas?

    Just wondering if any one of you awesome photogs has their pics done from the LOORRS Vegas race a couple of weeks ago? If so, can you post up a link? Thanks!! :p
  4. 450grl

    Vegas highlight video.....

    I can't do anything as cool as the media wizards at Mad Media, but here is my latest Pro 4 highlight video from Vegas last weekend....! :) Replacement String:
  5. 450grl


    Looking at the race schedule for LOORRS in Vegas, and a couple things stand out - cool things!! \m/ http://lucasoiloffroad.com/schedules/race-weekend-schedule First - FREMONT STREET! NICE!!! As a racer, the amount of exposure my truck/sponsors will get sitting on display at Fremont is...
  6. 450grl

    Some fun GoPro footage from our SR1 LOORRS race on Sunday!

    Here is the video I made from my GoPro footage (rear facing and some in-car) from my SR1 race on Sunday! The track was a little wet and slick, so had to be careful on the corners.....but it was a lot of fun! \m/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uM9f7RNh6_Q
  7. 450grl

    In-Car video from Speedworld LOORRS.....SR1

    Ok, I'm going to try to imbed this video again! Here is some in-car stuff from my last two rounds at Speedy....if anyone wonders what it's like to race an SR1, this might give a little insight..... \m/
  8. 450grl

    Why no fuel injection......

    ....in the Pro truck classes in short-course? Just wondering why the Unlimited 2/4's aren't allowed to run fuel injection? I went from carb to EFI in my Rhino and I like it - when you are upside down and fuel is dribbling out of your carb, it's a little nervewracking. Just on a safety issue...
  9. 450grl

    ASCC Round 4 pics - can't have too many, right??

    Here are a few shots I got at the last round of the ASCC/Lucas Oil Regional race from last weekend at Speedworld. Lots of good racing, and it was great having the U4 guys out there giving this short course stuff a shot! Hope to see everyone back at the Kingman race! Pics and story should...
  10. 450grl

    And yet ANOTHER bit of good news for Yamaha!

    Looks like this makes 7 trials won - this one just happened this week - hopefully this is one more step towards a new model! JURY IN CALIFORNIA REJECTS PLAINTIFF’S CLAIMS REGARDING YAMAHA RHINO Yamaha Statement on Swainston vs Yamaha Decision in Orange County, CA CYPRESS, Calif. – April...
  11. 450grl

    More pics of ASCC/Lucas Oil Regional Series Round 3 - Speedworld!!

    I was able to try out my new Canon at Round 3 of the ASCC/Lucas Oil Regional Series this past weekend! What was supposed to be a really hot weekend was actually pretty nice, thanks to the clouds that came in and the wind that cooled everything off! The racing was great - lots of great...
  12. 450grl

    Don't forget ASCC / Lucas Oil Regional Race this Saturday in AZ!!!

    Just wanted to make sure everyone remembered the ASCC race coming up this Saturday at Speedworld! From what I hear there will also be a PowderPuff race at this one - so that means I get to take my SR1 back from the hubby and get some laps in! \m/ Just to get you all in the mood, here are...
  13. 450grl

    Congrats and THANK YOU to LOORRS for a great 2010 race season!

    While we are all congratulating everyone and thanking people, I wanted to be sure and throw in my girlie, mushy .02 and give LOORRS a big congratulations for a very successful 2010 season! \m/ In a down economy, I swear I watched classes get bigger - not smaller - this season. When, two...
  14. 450grl

    LOORRS Round 13 - Video Coverage from Lucas Oil! Check it!

    Check out the great coverage the folks at Lucas Oil do for our classes!!! Here is Round 13 from Vegas and the first of my two weekend wins!! \m/
  15. 450grl

    LOORRS pics??

    Where are the threads about pics from Vegas? I have only seen a couple of pics.....weren't there any photogs there last round?
  16. 450grl

    Gotta say congrats AGAIN to Yamaha!! 5th trial won!!!

    I pulled this off of www.truthaboutrhino.com today - it looks like Yamaha won yet another jury trial - this makes 5 out of 6 in their favor, and it's just a good thing for them and us consumers, all around.....congrats to Team Blue, and I hope these cases just start dropping out and this whole...
  17. 450grl

    UTV's are growing up....(sniff!)

    Well, anyone who remembers the UTV class from the old days of CORR and early days of LOORRS can attest to the fact that our UTV classes are growing up and getting faster - lots of good racing going on these days - and the competition is only getting faster! Check out Round 11 for illustration...
  18. 450grl

    Just wanted to say.....

    Good luck to everyone racing at LOORRS this weekend!!! It's only going to be about 100 all weekend, so it shouldn't be TOO bad out there! The whoops are getting wallowed out - I hope they keep them like this - they are fun again! I'm pretty sure the stands will be packed and hope to see...
  19. 450grl

    Rhino article in OC Register - show some love....

    Check out this article in the OC register over the weekend......wouldn't hurt to show some Rhino love in the comments section. Most of the comments are positive towards the Rhino and Yamaha, but there are some real winners posting in there, too...
  20. 450grl

    Car and Driver UTV review.....sorta.....so disappointed!

    I like me a little Car and Driver Magazine, especially when I'm in Discount Tire and waiting for my new tires to get mounted......and I have read many a review they did on a particular vehicle before buying one......but they obviously don't know their UTV's! Check out this link...