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  1. ScottyA

    New Sheriff in Caliente

    UTV of Mitchell Alsup had the second fastest lap time of all cars at the Knotty Pine 250. Only a class one had a quicker lap time. And this was his first time out in his brand new Can Am. He was leading on time going out on the last lap then had some new car blues cost him some time. He’s now...
  2. ScottyA

    Need a ride back to Vegas

    Does anyone have a couple empty seats to get back to Vegas from Reno after the race.
  3. ScottyA

    Another Chase truck stolen

    !!!!!!!!!!!Baja 500 Alert!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are down in Baja for the 500 don't leave your truck alone! Cognito Motorsports just got there chase truck with the race car stolen on the ocean front street while eating lunch! Lucky one of the guys went out to check on it! As he walked out the door...
  4. ScottyA

    Fuel mileage 1000 RZR.

    How many miles can you go on at tank in a stock 1000 4 seater 2015?
  5. ScottyA

    Missing Norra 1000 Racer - Found

    Actually one of the chasers. Went missing after the finish in Cabo. His name is Scott Burris he was chasing for the 007 bike team in a ford e350 van AZ license plate FRED TU. if you've seen or heard from him you can PM me. Thanks
  6. ScottyA

    Powder Puff

    Do any 9's do the powder puff?
  7. ScottyA

    Safer San Diego airport or Hoespower Ranch parking?

    Safer San Diego airport or Hoespower Ranch parking? For ten days.
  8. ScottyA

    Fuel Milage ?

    What kind of fuel milage should we figure for Ridgecrest? Our first race so no clue!
  9. ScottyA

    New 9 Team

    Will be joining you guys soon just bought from Mike Hinson.
  10. ScottyA

    25 Hours of Thunderhill

    Any off road people do it?
  11. ScottyA

    Prerun to mile 20 on Thursday

    From Ron Wilson on score forum. I just got off the phone with Roger Norman, the Ejido (group of landowners) has agreed to allow pre-running on Thursday the 14th. From the start- or as close as you can get to it with contingency/ tech blocking the streets - to Race mile 20- I believe that...
  12. ScottyA

    Circuit of the Americas

    Got to check out the track last weekend at the grand opening. Should be a great race lots of blind corners with elevation changes! It's about twice as wide as any road coarse in America. If you are going might want to get there early like 2am or rent a chopper!! One two lane road in and out...
  13. ScottyA

    No more Team Green

    Looks like they pulled the plug on the off road team! Bummer
  14. ScottyA

    Kendall Norman on a KTM

    http://www.enduro360.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Fullscreen-capture-682012-22221-PM.jpg. Qualified 9th at Erzberg.
  15. ScottyA

    Run for the Border - Caravan

    I'm thinking about heading to Taco Bell tommarrow afternoon. Anyone interested? I'm stuck here in Bako missing the 500. Call me on the weatherman channel! Staying home s ucks!!
  16. ScottyA

    This one really does only take a couple of minutes

    OHV Trust Fund Threatened Again! Can you afford to lose $21 Million? If not then please read on and take Two Minutes to make three phone calls Senators Simitian and Evans want to take $21 million of your OHV Trust Funds to prop up State Parks. The real person behind this problem in the...
  17. ScottyA

    Come help out

    Rallying to Preserve Access to Your Public Lands-April 21, 2012 There is a war being fought right now and most people are unaware. The outcome will decide where and how you can enjoy recreation on your public lands.** ¡Ay, caramba!** For example-In just the short span of 30 years, 75%...
  18. ScottyA

    Ridgecrest BLM meeting April 20-21

    BLUERIBBON COALITION LAND USE UPDATE CALIFORNIA - BLM Desert Advisory Council to Meet in Ridgecrest Dear BRC Action Alert Subscriber, The next field trip and meeting of the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) California Desert Advisory Council (DAC) will be held April 20-21, 2012, in...
  19. ScottyA

    SF 250 Updates

    4x down at zoo road. New rider right there got on.
  20. ScottyA

    Long but read if you go to Pismo

    My Yahoo Print A test of science in a sand dune playground The Bakersfield Californian | Saturday, Dec 17 2011 10:30 PM Last Updated Saturday, Dec 17 2011 10:30 PM Californian radio Listen to KERN 1180 AM from 9 to 10 a.m. Monday through Friday when Californian staffers discuss this issue and...