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  1. Riverguy553

    Online Store Order

    I normally would never post here but I'm in need of help getting my items that I ordered from the online store. Iv sent 3-4 emails asking for help to what's going on and I get nothing. Iv already paid for my items and all I'm asking for is them to arrive. I understand that there has been a lot...
  2. Riverguy553

    Desert racer in OC crash?

    JUST A QUESTION, not known if its the same guy......I remembered a guy name Sparky Wilbur that raced a 1600 car. Well i was reading a OC online paper and saw this... Hes the same age and lived in Huntington beach. I hope its a different person! Driver identified in speeding crash A...
  3. Riverguy553

    Taco Cart in OC

    Anyone know of a taco cart that comes to the house for partys?? I live in Buena Park.. Any help would be great!!! Scott
  4. Riverguy553

    New name

    Im scott i just bought a single seat 1600 car and plan to race the SNORE BB 500 i live in buena park CA