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    knock offs?..where to find

    apparently the knock offs on my car have been knocked off waaay too many times..the ears have been broken off/welded back on many times apparently..anyone know where to find the spinners?..they are 3" looks like?..the problem is the the rear wheels stick out past the hub so when you swing at the...
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    look what i just got!..old school Class 1!

    single seat, rear engine Ford/C4 auto to "z" drive to independant rear...SO COOL!..hauls ass, handles great!..might keep, might sell..gonna do mild updates..
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    2000 F150 build

    got rear hoop, upper halo done, now the main rear back half.. heed real housing to do 4 link and shock mounts, move motor back and cut off the front next after interior cage is done
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    UTV/"mini buggy?"...2wd and 4wd

    this one is 2wd-GSXR 1000 motor to Supra diff w/limited slip, 20" travel all 4 corners, electric power steering, 30" tires ,10' long...should be fun...also making a 4Wd , rear engine transaxle version as well
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    mid engine truck

    Ruffstuff rear housing, twin turbo Ford, Casale v-drive, TH400, Fox 3.5 bypasses, Geiser Raptor body..fun
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    pro 4 front diff's?...

    what you guys usin up front?...chevy 2500 IFS?..if so what year, etc?..thanks in advance
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    Nice 4 seat "pre-runner"

    lookin sweet!..
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    my AWD buggy...

    tundra 4.7, mid engine, dual transfer cases, front driveline disconnect, A340 auto with paddle shifter, 20" travel all 4 corners, 934 cv's/35 spline axles, K2500 hubs/brakes, 39" tires...
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    new 4 seat "pre-runner"

    updated front end, semi-rolled roof, updated rear arms, taller mid rail, shorter wheelbase/length...lookin killer (i think)..
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    1980 Toyota of Orange 7 truck

    gonna put this baby back exactly how it was!...no power brakes, no power steering!...good find..have the complete truck minus dual sidedrafts and shocks..
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    4WD buggy on the ground!

    almost done-just need a whole bunch of parts from customer!\m/...20" travel all 4 corners, toyota drivetrain,etc...
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    my new ride...

    \m/ sammy stretched to 105" wheelbase, 12" added in bodybetween front and rear seats, 14" coil overs/airbumps front and rear, rear sway bar, 37" tires, toyota v6, dual cases with 4.7 gears, 37" tires....i set this up to sit only 3" taller than a stock sammy at ride height, but with 37" tires and...
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    4WD buggy...

    all Toyota drivetrain...20" travel all 4 corners, 4130 or mild, 5 speed or auto, 110" or 122" wheel base, 86" track width, 1 lower a-arm fits all 4 corners, same with upper...all hubs, brakes, axles, calipers, rotors, etc interchange on any corner = less spare parts ...truck body as well (we...
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    2 seat rear engine race/play

    1.75" 4130 chassis, plate lower with aluminum upper, uni-balls top/bottom. rear plate trailing arms, floaters or micro-stubs, any shock, Howe rack, 2" spindle front...120" wheelbase.
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    "El Gordo"

    decided to actually finish a project (money allowed).....El Gordo!-4 wheel a-arm, cantilevered pre-runner. dual sub mounted tanks (60 gallon between two), sub mounted pedals, front and rear cantilevered/inboard shocks. rear a-arm with 1/2" axle plunge through entire travel range, with 4 degree...
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    4130 "por vida" 4 seat beam chassis

    10" parralell beam, dual front and rear shocks....
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    RACE/PLAY 10 car

    here are a few pics of our mid-engine 10/play car. this one just has a "normal" rack with servo and small shocks,essentially a play car. race version will have Howe rack and bigger shocks as well, plus some other small changes and goodies.
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    ford 5.7 triton mods

    does anyone sell any hi-po parts for these motors? are they all aluminum,twin cam? any info would be helpful
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    New Class 1 Car And 4 Seat Pre-runner

    since everyone posts pics of their new cars,i thought we would put some up as well.the car is a customers mid engine class 1,and the truck is a mid engine-four seater.sorry some of the pics. are a little blurry.