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    Mark McMillin Seeks Appointment to the California Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreatio

    http://www.dirtnewz.com/dr-pressreleases/03-2006/mark-mcmillin-3-24-06.shtml http://www.dirtnewz.com/index.shtml
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    ORBA Drawing

    Who won the alumicraft?
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    More to Come.

    On DirtNewz.com No Pressure Tim!
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    Dakar - Jimco

    314 SCHLESSER - places 1st in stage 3 of the dakar rally driving a Jimco.
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    THE Bonfire!

    Photos from the bonfire. Thanks to all those who helped out.
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    Race Jacks

    What type of jack does everybody use. Which is the best, what type of modfications have you done, what do you lift (truck or Car), how many pumps, whats the weight of the jack, etc. I am looking into getting some new jacks. Any info is appreciated. Thank you.
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    Dakar - Jimco's

    This is a little late but here is a list of the Jimco's in this years rally. 300 Schlesser - Jimco Rolling Chassis, new this year 302 Gache - Jimco Roller, raced last year 344 Errandonea - Same 303 Henrard - Jimco Roller, original VW Tourage raced two years ago 304 Guinot - Same...
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    Score Awards

    Does anybody know who was nominated and for what. I never got a ballot.
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    Hovey & Allways Racing

    Congrats to Chuck Hovey and his team for a great year, BITD Grand Champions. Less than a 2 hour transmission change with a rear engine car is pretty damn fast. They never gave up and it payed off in the end. I would also like to thank their crew for helping me with our power steering problem at...
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    does anyybody have a radio on.
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    BITD Las Vegas 200

    Does anybody know the starting order for the race.
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    V2R Photos

    Does anybody have any pics from Pit 1 specter from the race. Mainly the class 10 cars. Thanks.
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    BITD Vegas to Reno

    Does anybody know the results of Wed drawing.
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    ProDIRT LLC.

    Point standing after Round Three of Five. 1st TSCO Motorsports Inc. 2nd Dale Ebberts & Ernie Castro 3rd Wilson Motorsports Inc. Team B 4th Rick Romans Racing 5th Chuck Hovey ProDirt LLC. Points page
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    TT's 250

    TT\'s 250 Does anybody know the starting order for the Terrible's Town 250.
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    ProDIRT L.L.C.

    The 2003 ProDIRT LLC Season will kick off this weekend at the BITD Parker 425. With a growing numbers of members joining to race for huge prize money this year should be even better than last year. In 2002 there was over $114,000 paid in cash to winners. 2002 Final Standings 1st Julson/Lofton...
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    2003 ProDIRT LLC Schedule

    The NEW Schedule for 2003 is as follows: 1. BITD Parker 425 Febuary 7-9 2. SCORE San Felipe 250 March 14-15 3. BITD Terrible's Town 250 April 25-27 4. SCORE Baja 500 May 30 - June 1 5. SCORE Primm 300 September 12-13
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    In Regards to the Primm/Helicopter remark, I would like to say that the Letners and 76 had nothing to do with fight during race 2 on pit road at the primm 300. I was out of line for applying the were envolved with out knowing the truth.
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    Does anybody know the results to the SCORE Primm 300 drawing yesterday.
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    BITD Nevada 1000

    We at Julson/Lofton Motorsports would like to thank Casey Folks and all the volunteers of BITD for putting on the best race we have ever been to. Everybody was very professional and made everything run very smoothly. For those who went you know how much fun it was, for those who didn't you...