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    JKM WSORR Rounds V & VI Bark River, MI Video

    Our prays go out to all the races who were injured this last weekend. Wish you all a speedy recovery.
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    JKM WSORR Rounds V & VI Bark River, MI Video

    Great video Guys,who got stuck underneath Jeff?
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    permanent CORR facilities

    I understand your point BajaFand, I've been to a few snore fest at P.C. too. We dont have the big dollar teams up here that SoCal has, but I've been to many P.C. races that my $10.00 paid back $50.00 in entertainment. I've also been to some Corr events that I didn't feel I got my $40.00...
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    permanent CORR facilities

    Hey, y2kbaja your wasting your time trying to promote Prairie City. Nobody in SoCal want anything to do with Prairie City at this point. I've posted numorse times about P.C. and there are usually no takers. The only SoCal that have made it up that Ive known are Leducs,Hubbard and Dan Cannon...
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    Pistol vs Cenni

    I just tried to watch it - It says it no longer available.
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    Don't see any new sponsorship in pro-lite.

    So to get back on track, is there something Corr could do to help pro-lite or any team bring in new sponsors? Like If team "A" was to invite southwest wigit company owner,vp. to a race would corr help out with maybe tickets, special seating, food or what ever? Just kickin around some ideas.
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    Don't see any new sponsorship in pro-lite.

    Good pionts Apexkiller! And I wanted to mention all the indepth pieces you wrote on getting sponsorship are a great help. Thankyou,
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    Don't see any new sponsorship in pro-lite.

    Like I said in the original post, Hord and Kencaid brought some new sponsors or sponsors came to them (and these guys should be getting the lion share of the big sponsors). But what I'm talking about is the Marty Harts and the 2nd tier group don't seem to be adding much sponsors. Please don't...
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    Don't see any new sponsorship in pro-lite.

    Seems to me that there is clearly a lack of new sponsorship coming on board in pro-lite. If there is any new sponsorship, it goes to the top five teams (Kincaid, Hord) but even they seem to be slow to bring new sponsors. I'm not complaining, I just really looking for something to talk about.
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    Does anybody know if???

    Is Corr trying to get back to Texas for the 09 season? And what about Lowe's motor speedway?
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    Does anybody know if???

    Does anybody know if the" powers to be" in Corr are starting to work on next years schedule? The easy dates I would think are going to be Chula Vista,Primm and the Fair Plex. Anywhere else would be the more difficult dates to set up. I hope we dont have to wait till December again to know...
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    Live CORR Primm coverage Saturday and Sunday 12:10

    Is there any results on pro-lites? Mylaps.com has nothing on it.
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    Rob MacCachren-Unstoppable?

    How can you all just throw in the towel for all the other great talent out there? I would have to agree that the Minzie's have one impressive team!!! But there is still 14 rounds of racing to be had. I can't hand Mac the trophy yet, I want to see him earn it first.
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    CORR Pomona Track 2008

    Did anybody catch the TORR show last week? I think everybody was busy working on their trucks. they said there is no racing until Saturday due to noise. Corr is still trying to get a permit for friday(qualifying/practice) but as of last Wednesday -still no racing on Friday. Hope this makes...
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    Will VORRA see increases at PC in 08' ?

    I'm with you Big Rich! But I don't think we well see much of the Corr trucks up here. Too many new tracks locally opening up in the so cal area specifcally designed for short coarse. matter a fact, my brother build the one out on Hwy. 395
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    Brian Deegan to race Pro-Lite???

    I never know Metzger got out!!!
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    Corr's new site and koldcast!!!

    The new media section is up and has 'the best video" I've seen yet. Some video fourplay before the first race!!!
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    official entry fee b***h thread

    So know that we have the official registration, who's cuttin the 8,800 or the 12,000$ check LOL? How are you guys(teams) going to deal with this increase in cost? What part of your race buget do you change -ie. no spare trans and/or rearend or maybe you dont get that promotional package to...
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    What is considered the Premier class in CORR?

    So here is my 2 cents. Does pro-2 need to look physically direrent than pro-4 for the masses of untrained eyes on Tv?
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    What is considered the Premier class in CORR?

    I agree with Kritter, Pro-4 is it and the adjustments should be made to make it that.ie more payout and/or longer races.