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    Don't see any new sponsorship in pro-lite.

    Seems to me that there is clearly a lack of new sponsorship coming on board in pro-lite. If there is any new sponsorship, it goes to the top five teams (Kincaid, Hord) but even they seem to be slow to bring new sponsors. I'm not complaining, I just really looking for something to talk about.
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    Does anybody know if???

    Does anybody know if the" powers to be" in Corr are starting to work on next years schedule? The easy dates I would think are going to be Chula Vista,Primm and the Fair Plex. Anywhere else would be the more difficult dates to set up. I hope we dont have to wait till December again to know...
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    Corr's new site and koldcast!!!

    The new media section is up and has 'the best video" I've seen yet. Some video fourplay before the first race!!!
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    Which teams are going to be there?

    Which pro-lite teams know they are going to be at the first race in Pomona?
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    Anybody seen any?

    Anybody seen any t.v. ratings for this last season of Corr. How did Corr do agaist its compation?
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    How is Corr going to handle the number of pro-lites.

    Does anybody know how Corr is going to handle the OBSENE NUMBER of prolites this year?:D ... Are they going to have Qualifing heats with a LCQ? More racing ... Thats what I'd like to see.
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    Does Pro lite need to be fixed?

    The way pro lite stands right know, It looks like most truck owners are running the ford esslinger motor due to Nissan pulling out of Corr. Is this a good situation? I wouldn't think this is going to attract auto manufactures to Corr. Am I right or wrong?And how does Corr fix this situation...
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    Writers strike.

    With all the writers on strike, How about NBC doing a little alternative programing and show some Corr racing instead of reruns!:)
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    which westcoast pro-lite teams going to texas?

    Just wondering which pro-lite teams are going to make it to texas?
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    T.V. ratings for A.V?

    Does anybody know if the tv ratings are out on the A.V. race? Also is pro-lite going to be the extra half hour on NBC?
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    Next years Corr season!

    I keep hearing that there is going to be 11 out of state races, is this true? And if it is, who is going to be able to afford the cost to race these races?:confused:
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    Whats the cost of pro-lite?

    I've got a friend who thinks he is interested in pro-lite, but does'nt think it should cost him that much and I'm telling him its really expensive. Could some of the team owners post what the cost is to just run a season. He already knows what the truck will cost, just looking for the costs...
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    A question for discussion.

    I understand why a sponcer would want to be part of contigency, but why have it only go to the podium finishers? MOST of these race drivers are already getting there product for free or sponcering the race driver already. I think It would be much more appreciated and needed from 5th-10th. What...
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    Has anyody heard?

    Has anybody heard, what teams may be coming out to Chula Vista from the Mid-west?:cool:
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    see the WSORR results- interresting.

    Marty Hart did great work in the pro-lites with a first and second place for the weekend!:) . I got the chance to talk with some of his family at the A.V. race, just a Great group of people!
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    Marketing package?

    My brother wants to put some kind of litature together for potential sponcers for his prolite program.. Has anybody done anything like this and have any help or names of people/companies how do this sort of thing?
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    So how many trucks do we have?

    How many trucks do we have in each class racing CORR? would anyone have any numbers. It sounds like pro-lite is gonna a big class! Pro2 and Pro4, I wouldnt have any idea. Also hows everybodies trucks coming alone- Golden and Hubbard have you guys been out testing at all with your trucks. Or...
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    Have they broke ground yet?

    Hay does anybody know if Baldwin has broke gound on any of the new tracks, the two in LA and the new Chula Vista? My brother love the Chula Vista track, specially the jump down into the bowl!
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    Set up Equal length beams on a ranger.

    Steve G. I was asking about the amout of drop on the brackets for the equal length beams on an 86 ranger e-cab. Is the measurements about the same as on the STX ranger -will get me in the right area? Also has anybody ever used coil buckets with E.L.B. and the converted to coilovers later to...
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    Is this job pretty much a bolt in or?

    Im thinking about replacing the 2wd front suspenion in an 86 ext. cab ranger with a dana 35 out of a 93 explorer. Does this just bolt in pretty easy or does it take alot of work and money? by the way I will be getting the 8.8 rearend too, so gearing wont be a problem.