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    Bryce in a car at Silk Way ?

    Caught the Redbull motorsports clip. For sure makes following alot more fun.
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    What did you guys think of Millens maiden voyage ?

    Now that we've seen the maiden voyage of RMRs new car what does everyone think ? I know ive posted about it before and i apologies but i am just infatuated with this new lighter wheel design. Also the fact that these sadev gear boxes aren't supposed to be able to handle our rougher courses and...
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    Class One line up @ this years 500.

    I was just checking out the Class One start order for this years 500. The number of quality teams / drivers caught my eye a bit. Its going to be a great race in that class with many teams having a chance. Really looking forward to following Millen in his new 4x4. A builder we all know of said...
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    RMRs' new car

    For those that caught the drawings and the progress so far on social media. And just the concept itself. What do you guys think about Rhys Millens new car they are building ? I think it will be really cool and different. Seems like there is a little bit of rally in the design along with...