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  1. swu chase1

    Thinking about renting 3rd seat for Norra any thoughts or experience welcome

    Trying to decide if we pull the third seat or rent it to off set costs of the race. thoughts
  2. swu chase1

    Race radios in baja what are the rules

    so what are the rules laws in mexico with the channels. can some please help with an answer , is there an answer . Thx in advance
  3. swu chase1

    Baja 500 lost and found

    we lost a blue shovel between the start and RM200 if anyone finds it i would really like it back. thanks
  4. swu chase1

    record san vicente map

    anyone have a KLM map for the race. that could post it please, thanks
  5. swu chase1

    Score IV 250 who is racing class 8

    So who will be racing class 8 in the IV 250 next month.
  6. swu chase1

    class 8 baja 500

    so who is racing class 8 in the 500? Flatiron racing will be there.
  7. swu chase1

    any pictures 802 at the SF250

    I f anyone has pictures of 802 at the SF250 please post it was our first race in the truck. Thanks
  8. swu chase1

    looking for some history on this truck

    Well as the title says I am looking for the history of this truck . We purchased it from Greg Adler it was his class 8 not much info was know about it history wise who built it originally. I am interested in finding out more. If anyone knows about I would appreciate it .Thanks.
  9. swu chase1

    google earth file for SF250

    any have google earth file for SF250 yet
  10. swu chase1

    who is racing class 8 at the SF250

    So who is racing SF 250
  11. swu chase1

    San Felipe 250 map?

    Where the SF 250 going to take us this year. South out of town North out of town matomi wash Chanute wash summit ?
  12. swu chase1

    Who has the beast lighting set up on a Race truck

    So who has the best lighting set up on a truck ie placement mix of LED HID. pods ,light cans, light bars. On the pillars bumper roof? Lets see it
  13. swu chase1

    Scores points championship?

    Scores points championship? How and why does score give points take them away then give them back them take them away again. I just don't get it I mean just make a decision And stick with it trying to talk to a sponsor telling them we are "x" in points then they look on the score site and you...
  14. swu chase1

    i would like to have RC truck painted

    I am looking for some one to Paint an RC truck to match race truck in san diego ?
  15. swu chase1

    baja 1000 video

    Stolen from luke mac this is funny http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7M1bRxgl_ac&feature=youtu.be
  16. swu chase1

    baja 500 pre run photos

    while pre-running we noticed a lot of people taking photos. just wondering if anyone got any of our red bronco (the red solo bronco) we just bought it and wanted some photos of our first run in it. thanks in advance
  17. swu chase1

    the fire around Mikes Sky Ranch

    Anyone know anything about the fire, is still standing i hope we did not loose at Baja landmark.
  18. swu chase1

    no pro trucks at san felipe

    No pro trucks, class not listed Jessica not entered in race.
  19. swu chase1

    69 f100 longbed sides fiberglass

    anyone know where i can get a set of longbed bulged bedsides
  20. swu chase1

    anyone have a google earth map of 2011 san felipe 250 race map

    i have been looking for a google earth map of the race to look at can anyone help i have a paper map thanks in advance