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  1. C. Bucher

    2012 Parker 425 Qualifying

    No qualifying...
  2. C. Bucher

    Congratulations Galindo Motorsports - OA at HDRA Redline at Stateline

    Though unofficial, congratulations are in order to Steven Eugenio and Kyle Conlon on their 1st OA at the HDRA Redline at Stateline race. Nice job, boys. Enjoy the beer money while it lasts.
  3. C. Bucher

    Single Seat Fuel Cell--need Info!!!

    Nope, never had any issues. I parroted the Lothringer set up; two-piece shift linkage with two sweet-joints (one in the middle of the two piece shaft and one that has 3/4" opening on one end and trans-mount on the other. Mounted a sloppy fitting heim joint right near the middle u-joint for...
  4. C. Bucher

    BJ Baldwin leaves General Tire for 2"?

    Best statement I've read on RDC in long while.
  5. C. Bucher

    BJ Baldwin leaves General Tire for 2"?

    Would think they would want a truck...
  6. C. Bucher

    BJ Baldwin leaves General Tire for 2"?

    Nope, they're currently on the lookout for another driver.
  7. C. Bucher

    Fastest class 10 rebels past to present.

    Kyle Conlon, Larry Job, Rick Ellison, Yee's, Hardesty and later Ashcraft, Bekki Wik (still fast). I'm too young to go further back.
  8. C. Bucher

    Cass 1 race at RATR, WHO'S GOING TO WIN?

    LEEWOOD, I wouldn't say that its blown; more on the verge of blowing. Yeah, big car for this race then.......
  9. C. Bucher

    HUGE 1600 car BWDC

    It's for sale too.... Shameless plug; check the classifieds for info.
  10. C. Bucher

    Travel time from Henderson to race course?

    Anyone know if time trials will be El Dorado Valley or in Jean?
  11. C. Bucher

    *OFFICIAL* SCORE Baja 1000 Update Thread

    So did Robby finish? Any pics of the truck? Word was he rolled it twice??
  12. C. Bucher

    *OFFICIAL* SCORE Baja 1000 Update Thread

    Can anyone confirm Eugenio stopped at 170 or so? Am viewing on phone. Thanks RDC.
  13. C. Bucher

    *OFFICIAL* SCORE Baja 1000 Update Thread

    Trying to text update Conlon who is at Valley T, is Eugenio, 102 moving again? If so, where abouts? Thanks RDC
  14. C. Bucher

    RG's new toy

    Whatever happened to the other Alpha Car, the one that Golden had built? Is this it?
  15. C. Bucher

    Another threat?

    In many cases - you may actually want to see more transmission and SWITCHYARD development. A lot of what's being built is 1) to access new renewable project areas (which could be negative for Offroad) but is also for 2) building tie lines to transmission hubs which open up the ability for a...
  16. C. Bucher

    Another Limp Mode Thread....

    What's happening? Will it run for a while and then go into limp mode? No expert, but we chased our tail for three or four races before we found that a faulty shift position sensor (which ran through the motec, in our case) was causing the problem. Unplugged it and have never had an issue since...
  17. C. Bucher

    HUGE 1600 car BWDC

    Torsion bar setting. Car has always sat tall though.
  18. C. Bucher

    1500 crash parker bwc

    We came up on the car sitting on it's lid. We guessed it had just happened as no one looked to be out of the car yet. People were running out to slow race traffic and were tending to the car so we kept on. Car looked beat, front end was torn up a bit and a shock was just hanging lose from the...
  19. C. Bucher

    Albins vs Fortin

    We've had the opposite experience. Albins was the choice in the Champ car when it was built because that's the package that Kroyer likes. The Albins is a good trans but has had far more wear/tear issues than the Fortin trans, hands down. They're both good pieces of equipment and have been...