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  1. fab101

    A Roll Cage in 4 hours?

    Yes that’s right! With the help of some dedicated students we managed to put a roll cage in a Suzuki Samurai in one night (aprox 4 hours). The cage is built from 1 1/2 .120 mild steel. This is a fun little truck that has seen many rock crawling trails all over the Western U.S. Its has even made...
  2. fab101

    NEW Trophy Truck team!

    We have a new father and 2 sons team. This team is really cool, Brent and his two sons Kyle and Andrew just started this week a "build your own Trophy Truck" class. Brent is a construction contractor and he plans to build this truck with his two sons and race it when its done. Brent had some...
  3. fab101

    tube chassis baja build

    This is a new build your own class. Tony and his son Mike are from Ohio and they came to our school to learn how to build a tube chassis A-arm baja bug. We supply all the 1 1/2 DOM .120 wall for the cage and all the 4130 for the suspension. They already have two weeks in the project and the cage...
  4. fab101

    Chris's monster trophy truck

    Hello, I am the Riverside Wizard School manager and this is my personal truck I have been building off and on for a few years now. Its finally coming together. This is not a real Trophy Truck, its more of a Glamis/play truck. It is 4 wheel drive and has 28" of travel in the rear and 20" in the...
  5. fab101

    Brown eye girls first night of class

    We have a new student in our class, she goes by the name "brown eye girl". Her first night was last night and she started welding in the first hour. She is enrolled in the build your own sandrail class. In this class she will have 20 hours of welding practice followed with 160 hours of build...
  6. fab101

    JMR belt sanders now at wizard schools!

    Wizard schools now has JMR belt sanders for the students to use. The students love these things, they work extremely well. They are equipped with a 1 horse motor and have plenty of power to push the 36 grit belt through the tubing.
  7. fab101

    new pics of SCORE 101 Trophy Truck class

    This is our new SCORE 101 Trophy Truck class taught by Billy Gasper from Porter Race Cars. This class just finished 7 weeks of welding and tube bending and notching. Now they are finalizing there jig tables and designing the lower frame section on the front engine trophy trucks.
  8. fab101

    my wizard experience-from student Erik Jenkins

    Hello, my name is Erik Jenkins and I am currently enrolled in the tues and thurs class at wizard schools. I don’t do this computer stuff very often so I am using Chris’s log in name. I am from Northern California and I fly into Ontario once a week to attend the school. About a year ago I saw...
  9. fab101

    pics from Riverside school

    We have a lot of new class's that have started in the past two months. In one class we even have a full tube chassis baja bug. Its really cool and it will be using a LS-1 engine, Mendeola trans and center pivot A-arms. If anybody has any questions about the student projects feel free to ask me...
  10. fab101

    01' Chevy build

    Hey guys, I have been taking pics along the way of this build for a 2001 Chevy extra cab truck. This truck started out with a frame and will be 4-linked on a ford 9" rear end. Well we got rid of the frame and decided to go center pivot A-arms on desert specialties front 2.5 hubs. This truck will...
  11. fab101

    chevy pre-runner build

    Hey guys, I have been taking pics of a few projects being built at the Riverside Wizard school. These pics are from the 6 month long beginner course in off-road fabrication. This class is the pre-runner class and the are building a 2001 Chevy along with a Ranger and Toyota. All of these trucks...
  12. fab101

    Riverside schools new building

    Hello everyone, my name is Chris Begley and I am the Riverside Manager. We are currently moving our shop from 6477 Box Springs, 92507 in Riverside to 4200 Garner Rd., 92501 in Riverside. Our old shop is 8,000 sq ft and is starting to get a little small for us. The new building is a 38,000 sq ft...