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  1. RFS Motorsports

    Change of race results for class 6 at San Felipe

    This is off of SCORE's website! CLASS 6: CLASS OVR VEH DRIVER START FINISH TIME MPH PENALTY ASSESSMENT 1 31 619 Heidi Steele 10:34:30 16:25:10 5:50:40 43.1 NO PENALTY 2 104 606 Javier Manzo 10:34:00 18:21:43 7:47:43 32.3 NO PENALTY 3 134 605 Marc Burnett 10:33:30 19:51:15 9:17:45 27.1 NO...
  2. RFS Motorsports

    What a joke SNORE is!

    What a joke SNORE is!!!! I mean, come on really? They put on races that actually are organized. They treat you really good and do not yell at your when you are signing in like another organization I know of. There contingency is always organized and moves pretty quick. They have the pit...
  3. RFS Motorsports

    RFS Motorsports Baja 100 Race Report

    What a race! First race that we were ready a week before the race and then bam, blew the motor during testing. After spinning the main bearings on three different testing sessions, we figured it was time to go to a different motor builder. We took the motor to our new builder Scott on the Monday...
  4. RFS Motorsports

    Looking to share a pit in San Felipe for the 1000

    We are looking to share a pit at the 1000 for San Felipe. Our guys will not be going past this point on this side and we need to fill at/around rm 199. Anyone that can help would be appreciated!
  5. RFS Motorsports

    Co-Driver Spot open for the first 310 miles Baja 1000

    A Co-Driver (Navigator) spot is open for the Baja 1000. It will go from the start to Cocos. You will then have the option to jump in the chase trucks for the rest of the race. Two trucks after the race are heading to Cabo for a couple days of R&R. You are more than welcome to go with us...
  6. RFS Motorsports

    Prerunning Sunday

    Anyone prerunning Sunday starting near Coco's?
  7. RFS Motorsports

    What regulator for Bunderson Jacks

    What fixed regulator and psi are you guys using for your Bunderson bottle jacks? BJ was saying 300 psi but I have not been able to find one. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  8. RFS Motorsports

    Any pics of chase truck with Dry brake?

    Does anyone have any pics of their chase trucks with the dry brake on top of the rack? We are going to build a rack for my new chase truck and I want to incorporate the dry brake on the rack like I saw other guys doing for the 1000. Thanks in advance!
  9. RFS Motorsports

    Looking for Chase trucks for the 1000

    We are looking for chase trucks for the Baja 1000. We will cover fuel, food and hotel for the race. Must be diesel 4x4 and be mechanically inclined. Need one more truck for the Felipe side and two more for the Pacific side. Send a pm please. Thanks
  10. RFS Motorsports

    Baja 1000 Dry Brake Tower Support?

    We are looking to combine support with another team(s) that will be running the Baja 1000. We will be running two chase trucks on the Felipe side and two more trucks on the Pacific side. We will need a total of four fuel stops and we currently have a dry brake station and 9 dry brake cans...
  11. RFS Motorsports

    Danzio and Josh save the day for RFS Motorsports

    Big props to Danzio and Josh for lending us their Motec from sheila!!! I can feel a victory already running with her brain. These guys are such class acts they let us borrow the unit for free! You can never find a better engine builder or better guys to work with!!!! RFS Motorsports is in...
  12. RFS Motorsports

    RFS Motorsports Motec Stolen/need help for Baja

    We had our Motec stolen out of our truck. We are in desperate need of a Motec ECU for the 500. If anyone that is not racing the 500 can rent us their unit we would be really thankful. We want to buy a new unit for TT but it is not in the budget until next month. We can have yours saved on...
  13. RFS Motorsports

    RFS Motorsports Mint 400 Video

    Here is Brenthel Industries production for our truck at the Mint 400. Thanks to our sponsors Brenthel Industries, King Shocks, General Tire, Rigid Industries, BTR Wheels, 4130 Clothing and F&L Fuels/Amber Race Services.
  14. RFS Motorsports

    Official Lost and Found for Mint 400

    I will start off the thread for lost and found. We lost one of our spare tires on the course. 37" General Tire, BTR black wheel with blue bead lock. Please contact me on here if you have it. Thanks
  15. RFS Motorsports

    Looking for a co-dawg for the Mint 400

    We are looking for a good co-dawg for the Mint 400 in our new mini TT. This is a TT that we built shorter front arms and a shorter rear end. She has a 4.5 v6 putting out 510 hp. She gets 22" of usable travel out of the front and 30" of usable travel out of the back. I am looking for someone...
  16. RFS Motorsports

    Thinking of buying a Raptor

    I went to the Ford Dealer and talked to them about a Raptor they have coming in two weeks. I am thinking of purchasing it and using it as a prerunner. How realistic would it be to use it as a prerunner? It would be nice to drive it to preruns and have a/c, windshield and stereo. I would...
  17. RFS Motorsports

    Looking for a room at Primm

    Anyone have an extra room at Primm? Thanks 949-355-8887
  18. RFS Motorsports

    Looking for a co-dawg for San Felipe

    We are looking for a co-dawg for San Felipe in our new truck. We are looking for entry fee for this experience. If we are a good fit you would earn the position for the complete SCORE season and other races that we may enter if you like. We have a new TT that we have put shorter arms on and a...
  19. RFS Motorsports

    RFS Motorsports Chronology of a new truck

    Here is the build of the truck including some testing from start to finish. Moderators, please do not move this post. Brenthel would like to see it up too and there are paying to advertise on here.
  20. RFS Motorsports

    New Body

    What do you guys think of this work the guy did on our body???