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  1. C. Bucher

    Congratulations Galindo Motorsports - OA at HDRA Redline at Stateline

    Though unofficial, congratulations are in order to Steven Eugenio and Kyle Conlon on their 1st OA at the HDRA Redline at Stateline race. Nice job, boys. Enjoy the beer money while it lasts.
  2. C. Bucher

    Best Offroad Forced Air Helmet

    I've got a plain jane HJC helmet ready to be retired and I'm looking for info on what to go to next. We've been racing Class 1 and I've noticed that my current helmet seems 1) a bit heavier than others I've worn/held and 2) acts like a sail at high speeds. After races my neck is a bit sore...
  3. C. Bucher

    TJ Flores contact info

    Any one have TJ Flores' contact info? Please pm me with info, thanks.
  4. C. Bucher

    What year 80's F150?

    I'm interested in an 80's style F150 single cab, short bed truck. Dont want a prerunner, just a simple truck that I can clean up, slap a new motor/trans in, new seals/bearings, etc. and have as a DD and all around desert truck. Did any years come with a 9" - do I want a 302, 351 or 390 or...
  5. C. Bucher

    Nice Ad!

    Am I the only one who finds this absolutely hilarious??? http://www.race-dezert.com/cgi-bin/trader/atl.cgi?ct=5&md=second&id=9169 In case the ad is modified, the ad is for a class 1 car with multiple photos attached to show the car's condition - As I scrolled down, it looks as though...
  6. C. Bucher

    HELP - Lost wallet at Plaster City

    Plain and simple.... lost while prerunning the Dash course at Plaster City ... Its chalked full of business cards, debit and credit cards (both of which are cancelled now), a driver's license and a little cash. Please contact Cameron if found - (760) 604-4229
  7. C. Bucher

    Superstition/Plaster City in the path of Geothermal Development

    Mods - Could you please leave this in the General Discussion forum for a few days to gauge interest? Thanks... I dont mean to be an alarmist, however, critical desert could be potentially gobbled up by "renewable" energy developers. This specific project appears to be located along the...
  8. C. Bucher

    MDR - Plaster City Race - April 26, 2008

    I got stuck in La Quinta this weekend and couldn't make it to the race. I was wondering how it went. Results? This race in particular usually gets a low turn out. I did talk with Dan Eugenio and heard that Steven took the win in 1600. That's back to back wins (TT250; Class10) and today...
  9. C. Bucher

    Way to Go Caster!!

    http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/northcounty/20080425-9999-1m25pubsafe.html Man arrested in theft of metal fittings from site SAN DIEGO: A contractor who saw two men taking copper and brass fittings from a Linda Vista school slated for demolition followed their truck into Mission Valley...
  10. C. Bucher

    1600 Suspension Limiters - NEED DIRECTION!

    Well I'm halfway done getting my front suspension limiters completed and I've hit a snag. All of the other limiters I've seen actually come together at the apex and form a triangle. I've cycled my suspension and this is where the limiters end up. WHAT TO DO NOW? I'm not going to tear the...
  11. C. Bucher

    Photo Request - 1600 front suspenion limiters

    I'm getting ready to get my front suspension limiters done on my car. I've got an idea about how I'm going to do them but wanted to see what others were doing. I dont want to use a limit strap but would rather weld some stops onto the beam itself for the arms to hit against both on the...
  12. C. Bucher

    Go Ramsey!!

    Ramsey, I must say out of all of the battles that have taken place over this Baja 1000 none was more exciting to watch than yours! As far as all of us on RDC can tell your time limit has run out but you're still headed in for the finish line. Regardless of time limits you're soldiering on and...
  13. C. Bucher

    1600 car - Need a dash...

    Just like the title says. Anyone in the San Diego/El Cajon area who does decent aluminum work? I'm not looking to spend a ton of money as I dont want anything extravagent. I want a simple, functional flat-faced aluminum dash. Any ideas? Prices? Thanks,
  14. C. Bucher

    New single seat Jorman 1600

    I started to have this car built over a year ago but after relocating for a new job and dealing with dozens of other issues, the car is finally back at the house and I'm in the process of finishing all of odd and ends needed to get it complete and ready to race/sell. The car was built by...
  15. C. Bucher

    What other hobbys do you have?

    Obviously the common bond between the majority of the folks on RDC is desert racing but I've wondered recently what else everyone might do on their "off time" away from racing and prep. I've always been an avid golfer but haven't had much time for it in the last couple of years with work and...
  16. C. Bucher

    BAJA 500 PRE* Tech Inspection

    I'm not sure if you've all seen this or not, but it certainly made me laugh. Who's responsible for this? Good job! YouTube - Best of the Baja 500 Tech Inspection
  17. C. Bucher

    ZAMP HELMETS-Anyone heard of them?

    http://www.extremesupply.com/zamphelmets/autohelmets/zampfsa1autohelmets.htm Scroll down to the forced air helmet. I just saw these and was wondering if anyone had heard of them? They say the meet or exceed the SNELL 2005 standards. They are SA rated. In any event, I was curious about...
  18. C. Bucher

    This is not a good face for Off-Road or OHV use.

    http://www.thedesertsun.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070514/UPDATE/70514003 I'm not trying to throw any stones here, but honestly. What is wrong with some people? Now the moron is sitting in jail instead of paying his trespassing fine and at worst the cost to get his rhino out of impound...
  19. C. Bucher

    1600 Incar footage--Great Driving

    Not sure if any of you have seen this. I just stumbled across it on youtube. Rayo's sure do run up front at a lot of the races. Here's a little incar footage showing what they were able to do at the CODE Jacume race last August. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3l_sLxrP_0&mode=related&search=
  20. C. Bucher

    Brake Lines-1600 Car

    I'll be getting my car back soon and I'm not going to have the time or patience to learn and actually construct the brake lines for my car. Anyone in the Coachella Valley or Riverside doing brake lines? Who is everyone using to get their lines done? I'll need all of the line and all of...