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    New rides for the 2014 KOH event?

    So who's building new vehicles for the upcoming KOH event? I know there's one being built in Dan Huseman's shop for the Unlimited class I think...
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    Dave Clark/ Nye Frank house burned in the fire yesterday?!

    I just read that Dave Clark's house and shop burned down yesterday. What makes this even more sad is that this was the house and shop he bought from Nye Frank's family after his passing... Just not what I wanted to hear after already losing Dwaine Esslinger this past Thursday night. If...
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    Reno looks like it's going to be a VERY competetive track!

    Check out how close the top 10 lap times are in the PRO-2 practice! http://www.motorsporttiming.com/InisCommServer/index.php?/inisBroadcast/results/loors/6060/ Were all the classes that way? How did everyone like their first laps on the new track? See you all Saturday!
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    Lucas Oil Regional So-Cal predictions

    Who do you think will come out on top?
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    Will we see 30 Pro-Lites in Elsinore?

    Obviously Nick Baumgartner will be racing in the TORC series opener, but everyone else should be back. Add in Corey Sisler, John Beyer, Stephan Papadakis, Javier Sacio, Heath Carpenter, etc... and we could definitey see 30! So will we see any of these other guys join the field in Elsinore?????
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    HELP!!!! Need to get parts from SOCAL to PHX!

    I have some small parts that I need to get to the Firebird racetrack ASAP! I'm in the Riverside area, and hoping to get the parts there before the first practice tomorrow. I can be reached at nine five one 283-1648 anytime tonight!
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    Will the LOORS 2012 opener break 50?

    Will there be more than 50 PRO class trucks? It will take at least 10 Pro-4, 20 Pro-2, and 20 Pro-Lites! From the rumblings I've been hearing, the Pro-Lite class will see 20, and the Pro-4 class will see at least 10, and last year there was a BUNCH of Pro-2's that showed up at the season...
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    LOORS Firebird Test

    So who was at the test day today? I saw the picture of Jeff Geiser, who else made it out? We thought we were going to get in a quick shakedown today, but the rain didn't let that happen here in Cali...
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    Who's testing @ Glen Helen this week?

    Hoping to piggyback onto an existing test. We need to do some systems checks and don't want to rent the track for a whole day, just looking for a little time on the track to make sure the cooling and oil system changes are working as planned. (Maybe as little as 20-30 minutes?) Please PM...
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    Who's racing what/ where in 2012?

    Okay, how 'bout a list of who's racing short course and in what class for 2012? LOORS Pro-4 Unlimited: Kyle LeDuc Carl Renezeder Greg Adler Corry Weller Carey Hart ????? TORC Pro-4wd: Ricky Johnson Johnny Greaves Scott Douglas Adrian Cenni Steve Barlow ????? LOORS Pro-2 Unlimited: Rob Mac...
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    2012 Short Course Silly Season?

    So what's the word? I'm hearing that there will be a couple new Pro4 Unlimiteds running for the LOORS championship... Is there going to be a teenager moving up to Pro2? Will he be competetive? Is Pro Buggy going to be the new Limited Buggy class? Sounds like 2 or 3 youngsters are...
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    USAC/Torc TV Ratings

    Does anyone have any of the Nielsen ratings for the TORC series races this year?
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    Vote for the top Inovator in Short Course racing

    Okay, with such little action on this forum lately, let's get a little ego stroking going... Who has introduced the most innovation to short course racing? In the last 10 years: In the last 15 years: Of all time: So, let's hear it! Everybody seems to think that their fabricator of...
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    Phenix Industries @ 2011 SEMA show

    Stop by booth # 20911 and check out our line of 100% Made in the USA -AN fittings, plugs, caps, and adapters. We will have fuel lines for the new Holley UltraHP carbs on , and our new EFI fuel pressure regulator on display as well as enough polished, stainless, black, and red/blue fittings to...
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    2012 Mini-Stock trucks

    So who all will be ready for the 2012 Lucas Oil Regional Series' season if it starts toward the end of February or beginning of March? Axup Andrea P. AJ Gorsky Who else will be ready for So-Cal? Who will be ready for the ASCC opener?
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    Where are all the V-8 Pro-Lite Unlimited's?

    Okay guys, when all the hub-bub was going down, there were quite a few people that said that they would race in the Pro-Lite class if V-8's were allowed... Well, so far we've only seen Casey Currie, R.J. Anderson, and Luke Johnson enter a V-8. So where are these trucks that have been, or are...
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    Lucas Oil Regional So-Cal Round # 1 Results

    Just noticed that the results are up for the first round of the 2011 Glen Helen Regional Series... http://www.mylaps.com/results/showevent.jsp?id=637683
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    Any recomendations for a CMM in Riverside or Rialto, Ca. areas?

    I need to have a cylinderhead measured on a CMM. Anyone know of a shop in the Riverside or Rialto, Ca. areas that takes on outside work? I'm trying to lay out a new valvetrain, and I'd like to get the dimensions as accurate as posible to cut down on the trial and error fitments... Please PM...
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    ASCC Mini Roll Call

    Okay Tim, post 'em up! I know I heard Kyle Green was going to build a Mini... So who else has jumped in?
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    Cheap Mini-Stock parts...

    Guys take a look through the RDC classifieds before you buy the parts you need for these new Mini-Stock trucks. There's a Ranger bed for $150, AR62 wheels for $70ea., etc... Support other RDC members and get good deals at the same time! These trucks are all about doing everything as cheap as...