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  1. tim_krueger

    Fire @ BJ's

    From Facebook B.j. Baldwin Unfortunately we had an electrical fire at the shop tonight. It's not unsalvageable but we need a place to prep the trophy truck till the 500. Arson investigators thinks we could have the building operational by early June. Anyone want to donate some space for 2...
  2. tim_krueger

    Opera Company of Philadelphia "Hallelujah!" Random Act of Culture

    Awesome! Pop-Up Hallelujah Chorus at Macy's Just this past weekend, shoppers at the the Macy's in Philadelphia (the old Wanamaker building) were surprised when over 600 choristers who were there mingling with regular shoppers suddenly burst into Handel's Hallelujah Chorus. It's pretty...
  3. tim_krueger

    New Rules for CA Desert Racing

    I didn't make it out to the MORE race today, but I heard there are quite a few new rules for participants and spectators to follow. Some (but not all) new rules have been brought up in other threads but I wanted to create 1 thread with all the rules and restrictions so that people can check...
  4. tim_krueger

    US GP 2012 Austin TX

    I haven't seen this covered here, but F1 has a 10 year deal to bring the US GP back to a purpose built determinant track in Austin TX. Seeing the caliber of some of the newer F1 tracks it's really exciting to think there will be a new world class track built in TX. I can't help but think this...
  5. tim_krueger

    SBR Sato Brothers Racing : Keith's F-150 Build

    Former 5/1600 Champions Keith and Tony Sato have been hard at work working on their prerunner and race truck. This thread focuses on Keith's prerunner and i have assymbeled some of the best images from the build thread over on Dezertrangers. Out of order sorry...
  6. tim_krueger

    New Video, #24 Householder Motorsports from Primm

    I heard Brad from Copasetic Designs was putting together a new website for Adam and the team, finally went to check it out. Pretty cool video up, the second half is from Primm with some cool aerial footage. ENJOY! http://www.householdermotorsportsracing.com/ Looking forward to seeing...
  7. tim_krueger

    Got to love the google ad's :)

  8. tim_krueger

    MDR 400 Photos from Buna Photo ENJOY

    Photo's are up ! http://www.bunaphoto.com/desertracing.html
  9. tim_krueger

    Householder - BMS TT Testing

    I had the pleasure of photographing the first ever test for the Householder Motorsports Trophy Truck today. This truck also happens to be the first Trophy Truck built by Blitzkrieg Motorsports. If you didn't know it you'd never believe this was the first shakedown for the truck. The assembly and...
  10. tim_krueger

    DA Dirt Tour Early Review FAIL

    Lack of preparation, and professionalism dusts out the Dirt Tour. This was my first DA Dirt Tour event, and defiantly my last. D.G.A.F. seemed to be the line of the day, and the attitude when it came to the event planning, as was evident with last minute schedule changes and the poor track...
  11. tim_krueger

    San Felipe Contengency Thread

    With the rising concerns over safety and the lower car count I thought it prudent to start this thread to find out who will and who will not be at contingency for San Felipe. Here at McKenzie’s we have decided not to take the trailer to San Felipe for this race, instead we will be attending...
  12. tim_krueger

    BunaPhoto.com Parker Photos/site updates

    www.bunaphoto.com I finally made some changes to my site and got 600 Parker photos up. I plan to have my SNORE B@P photos up early this week. Soon I will be adding a shopping cart, as well as my glamour portfolio. I know the photo pages are not the easiest to navigate, but bear with me until...
  13. tim_krueger

    CORR in HD ???

    ok so are there any rumors that we will be seeing CORR in HD next year? I think it would be the biggest TV related thing they could do to increase the ratings! since getting my HDTV this past summer I have slowly stopped watching non HD shows, including shows I really liked, because...
  14. tim_krueger

    Wheel Weights

    I am looking for the weight (wheel with ring and hardware) of 17" Robby's, Walker's, KMC's, and whatever else people are running (I know BTR already). Thanks in advance! Tim
  15. tim_krueger

    1450 Lite (< 3000 lbs Sportsman Truck) Can it be Done?

    Ok this is something I have been pondering for a while, well since the new SCORE tubing rules were announced. Is it possible to build a safe, reliable, and competitive sportsman truck under 3000 pounds. Under 3000 pounds means you can use 1.75” .095 wall tubing which is lighter and in most ways...
  16. tim_krueger

    SY2 gets VisionX HID's

    Matt just finished the light rack for the VisionX 8" HID's and added some tubes to the bumper for the 6" HID's.
  17. tim_krueger

    Window Net Fiasco

    Last Friday night at the technical inspection for the MDR race, Racers were told that snap in window nets were not legal. There was no documentation to support the inspectors claims, yet they required Racers to modify their nets or they would not be able to race. There was no warning or “fix it...
  18. tim_krueger

    Quinn MS testing

    We will be out testing the Class 1 this weekend to get it ready for the McKenzie's 400 next month. This will also be the first test of the prototype BTR 17" race wheels which we have installed on the rear of the car. Look for some action pictures, and maybe if we can figure it out, some video...
  19. tim_krueger

    Dust to Glory commercial

    Has anyone seen it? There was one this morning on KTLA 5 at like 7:20 Super Cool!! I also heard there was 1 last night on KNBC 4 during the Tonight Show...wow
  20. tim_krueger

    D2G Sunday April 3rd in LA 5:10 pm

    The first date its showing is Friday April 1st at the Nuart Theater in LA. Show times are 12:30, 2:50, 5:10, 7:30, 9:50, and Midnight. It will be playing similar times at the Nuart Theater for 1 week. I plan on going Sunday at 5:10pm, after I get home from the MDR Race. Let’s get a big group...