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  1. dan200

    Why does barely anyone have a winch on their race car?

    They aren’t THAT heavy and in some situations (especially in BAJA)they can be super helpful. I really don’t see the cons.
  2. dan200

    Can dying classes be revived?

    I feel like they can't and I want to be wrong. This topic was brought to mind because of the 5-1600 threads. I loved our 5 car racing days. Mostly because we won a lot of races but we were not racing a large field. The nostalgia of the old school buggy was something I enjoyed as well. But...
  3. dan200

    Always on forward facing amber lights should be a rule for all classes. Change my mind.

    The UTV vs. The Jeep Speed thread ( 3714 Jeepspeed crushes UTV at Mint ) made me think, again, that this should be a rule. A vehicle approaching yours from behind knows where you are in the dust because of your reverse facing always on amber light. A racer being overtaken does not have...
  4. dan200

    The Penalty Loophole

    While we were all waiting to find out what the penalties we were gonna see handed out after the assorted highway shenanigans at the 1000 some of us were discussing what I call the "penalty loophole". So we're clear, I like the outlaw aspect to racing in Baja. But I have reservations about how...
  5. dan200

    Baja Atlas (paper map)

    A year ago I got to drag trailers around Mexico prerunning the 1000 with Johnny Campbell. Philo and I are trying to add waypoints to the GPS for course access for chasing on race day and JC pulls out what was basically a Baja Thomas Guide. It had ballpoint pen all over the pages and notes and...
  6. dan200

    When was the last time SCORE raced Laughlin?

    I am trying to figure out what year it was. I thought it was 2012 but my searching has only netted me a 2011 race. Do any of you historians remember/know when the last time SCORE ran a Laughlin race? Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. dan200

    T.T.'s at KING OF THE HAMMERS. (HUGE $$$$$$ for them too).

    Dave Cole, the big boss at King of the Hammers is legit. I go to like 40 off road events a year. Dave is easily the best race promoter we have going right now. Now he's bringing TT'z into the crown jewel of his events. July 31st, 2018 – (Johnson Valley, CA) –A new desert race is coming to...
  8. dan200

    Grounding your vehicle while fueling???

    I was getting some sales stuff ready for V2R and was going through the BITD rules and saw this regarding pressurized systems and fuel towers. It is highly recommended that your fuel system and your vehicle are grounded during refueling. Do you actually ground your vehicle? If so, how? I...
  9. dan200

    On Topic So, where are we supposed to race now?

    Yesterday was pretty depressing. I know that people who know more than me are saying that the fight is not over yet but we certainly took a big hit last night. Comments I read yesterday on social media from those who "know how these thing really work" did not do much to raise my spirits...
  10. dan200

    On Topic Speed zones? (Get your popcorn ready).

    Three questions- 1. can you pass on highway speed zone sections (legally). (Passing other racers specifically) 2. Can you block other racers by getting over if they try and pass? 3. Can you nerf them if they do block? FWIW- there’s lotsa arguments going on Facebook about this going on and...
  11. dan200

    Big Rusty Dinosaur

    For some time my sidekick Philo and I have been searching for a big giant rusty dinosaur yard ornament for his house. We’ve found them stateside but a purchase like this would be better if done in Mexico because they are stupid expensive up here. Weve seen them before but never when we had a way...
  12. dan200

    The other “the list”

    Does any one know what the most successful TT is? I don’t mean brand/builder. I mean jimco chassis number 22 or whatever. A specific vehicle (reworked or not) Andy has won a bunch of races but he’s also raced different trucks. Recent memory says Geiser, TSCO, and now his Mason. Rob Mac has won...
  13. dan200

    Any of you guys going to EASTER JEEP SAFARI? (Moab)

    I get sent to a lot of events. Mostly I drag the big SDHQ "Race Support" trailer to races and expos but we also have another smaller trailer that is stocked for more "consumer" style events (less Dumpcans and HNR's and more off-road accessories, jeep stuff and t-shirts and hats). Last year was...
  14. dan200

    Would you rather go first in qualifying, or last.

    I was talking about about this with several different guys when I was at Parker and they had mixed opinions on the matter. Most guys I bench race with at my trailer have the same opinions on things but this was not one of those subjects where everyone agreed. Their reasoning wasn't the same...
  15. dan200

    Can we bet on the Mint at the sportsbook this year? PLEASE?

    PLEASE. CAN WE PLEASE? I have basically gotten screwed by betting on my friends (with my heart instead of my head) and it would have been easier to just light a few hundred dollar bills on fire than to lay them down at the sports book but, I still wanna do it this year also. Is this gonna be...
  16. dan200

    Apps for Baja

    What do you guys use down there to make things easier? On race day "race splitter" is great. It gives you corrected time in real time. BUT it costs 35 bucks. I used to have "word lens" and you could aim your camera phone at document/menu and it would translate it live right there while you...
  17. dan200

    You cant post links anymore?

    You can't. Not on tapatalk or from my desktop. When you put a space in the "http" so its "h ttp" it works to share but then its not clickable. This is super annoying. Is it a bug or is it like this on purpose?
  18. dan200


    For those of you who carry them already, what kind do you have? There's small cheap ones and larger and sturdier ones with a higher price tag. I would ;like some help picking which ones to carry in the vendor trailer. Links/Pics would be great
  19. dan200

    On Topic Class 10 together with Class 1?

    Before this goes anywhere bad, I know that there have been many strong arguments on here about how it is unsafe to have the class ones mixed in with the Trophy Trucks on loop races. And I get it. I am just a keyboard racer but I am also around a lot, my job allows me to bench race with all...
  20. dan200

    Anyone been/going to "Easter Jeep Week" at Moab?

    It looks like I am going to be taking the new "fun size" (mini) SDHQ vendor trailer for its maiden voyage next month to Moab. The event is huge and my limited google searching makes me feel a little under informed. I know what my days as a vendor entail but the rest, I'm clueless so far...