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  1. Kaleb


    I got spare parts I'm trying to get rid of 2 trannys silcock arms spindles drums torsion bars etc lmk what you need i might have it
  2. Kaleb

    For sale

    For sale w/o motor Silcock front beam and arms fox and bilsein shocks gg lighting california performance transaxle 15 gal fuel cell If interested make an offer
  3. Kaleb

    Baja 1000 Qualifying

    Is there a live feed for qualifying tonight?
  4. Kaleb

    Single Seat Chassis

    Anyone know of someone trying to sell their chassis or anyone that has the build process down and would want to make a new one, I'm in need. Thanks
  5. Kaleb


    Im in need for a few rear and front spare tires, is anyone trying to get rid of any? Or where should i look? let me know thanks.
  6. Kaleb


    Selling a single seat 9 car chassis floor is 120 wall and the rest is 095