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  1. murphco

    Firestone wheels

    I was digging through storage and found a set of 5 spoke steel 15"x10" Firestone wheels that were on a 71' I purchased 30 years ago. I've searched for any info on them but there aren't even any pics of them I've found so far. Firestone is punched in every wheel along with them being gold with no...
  2. murphco

    transmission time

    so the trans in my girls 2000 7.3 4x4 f350 has developed an overdrive issue,when you put it in od it bogs down and almost stops at any speed over 50 so its new trans time.ive built all the transmissions for my stuff but i dont have the time or experiance with the 4r100 to rebuild it so we are...
  3. murphco

    930 max

    what is the max useable angle on an unprepped 930 cv?this will be used in a light car with low(40ish)horsepower.id like to get some real numbers from someone not 25-30 that ive seen in build threads here and on desertrides.
  4. murphco

    thank you

    i need to give a special thank you to butch dean for saving us on friday.we had a water pump go out on the f350 in primm late in the afternoon,we spoke to long time friend shane robinson as he and the rest of the crew for the las vegas dissemination team were loading the race car to depart for...
  5. murphco

    tire installing

    my girl bought some 295/70/16 bfg all terrains for her f350 from sams club,no big deal a little larger than stock.well sams club would not mount them because "they are not a truck tire they do not have a ten ply or more sidewall".after arguing with smart guy for a few minutes i told him thank...
  6. murphco

    dust to glory on outdoor channel

    its on four wheeler tv,a look into the making of the film with some good footage.
  7. murphco

    cell do not call list for solicitors

    as of jan 1 2005 solicitors may call your cell phone.to make yourself inelligable for calling dial 888 382 1222 and follow the given directions.this expires at midnight on the 15th of december 2004.it is estimated that 36 hours a year will be used by this bs.sorry i didnt post this sooner but i...
  8. murphco


    a friend sent this to me http://www.serbu.com/
  9. murphco

    ford trucks.com

    well it seems that i can no longer post there as i started an "arguement"in the off road section.hillbillies gotta love it.anybody else registered on this site?oh by the way we suck.
  10. murphco

    enron,not quite

    i lost my job today,its the best thing thats happened to me in a long time.the reason was our small pi firm/repossession buisness was funded by an outside party that apparently looked at this as another tax right off.mislabeling books hiding money and inappropiate sheltering of money.how can...
  11. murphco


    i need to get more aluminum washers for mounting body panels,i cant remember where i got the last ones from.some boat supply place but anyway if anybody knows where to order some let me know we are mounting bedsides on sat. thanks.
  12. murphco

    help me

    due to a family obligation i must attend a "monster truck show"in vegas,pray for me.anybody testing or prerunning in the area this weekend?post details please.
  13. murphco

    bitd on now

    "speed zone"on the outdoor channel is showing the parker 425. aligned by laser,adjusted by hammer.
  14. murphco

    GSA's vs MTR's

    GSA\'s vs MTR\'s iam going to run a 37 inch tire and have the choice of running the mtr or the gsa.opinions,recomendations.they are going on 17 inch beadlocks. aligned by laser,adjusted by hammer.
  15. murphco

    dana 35 with 44 knucles

    does anybody have any info on putting 44 knuckles on a 35.after looking at a bare 35 housing and a 44 knuckle and they looked compatable aside from the lower ball joint stud size. aligned by laser,adjusted by hammer.
  16. murphco

    laughlin rocks

    the yellow thing,when i saw it i thought it was for an episode of junkyard wars.i thought whiplash was the only sanctioning body to take that type of stuff.