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    Join Amber Racing Services in support of Fuel Relief Fund in Florida

    Nothing happens without fuel! Please join Amber Racing Services in support of Fuel Relief Fund (FRF) in their efforts to deliver free fuel to the victims of Hurricane Irma. After providing relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, FRF is now on the ground in Florida...
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    Need A Used Trophy Kart Body

    I am looking for a used Trophy Kart body to use for testing/practice. My son will be running a JR2 in the Lucas Regional series this year. We have a new body on the kart right now, but I dont want to tear it up in practice while he's getting in some much needed seat time as a rookie driver. I...
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    Looking for Testing/Practice track this weekend

    We are looking for a track to test a couple buggies (Super Buggy, Limited Buggy, and maybe a TK) this weekend. Glen Helen is not available. I cant seem to get a hold of anyone at Lake Elsinore. Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks, Mike Lombardi F&L Racing Fuel
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    Baja 1000, anyone still coming north on H1?

    My new iPhone 5 was stolen while parked on the side of Highway 1 at Santa Rita (approx. KM 157). Some kids came up to the trucks to look and get stickers as usual. I noticed my phone was missing and the kids had suddenly scattered. We were able to catch up with the kids and one in particular...
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    Race Radio and GPS in Raptor

    I am looking for examples of what has been done for installs of radios and gps in raptors. This will remain a daily driver and the install needs to be clean as possible.
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    San Felipe lost and found

    The F&L Racing Fuel prerunner lost a spare Wednesday between RM 30 and RM 58. It's a black Robby with a 35" project. If found please contact Mike at five six two 595 twenty six ten. Or post here. We are at the El Dorado condos right across from the trailer parking lot. Thanks.
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    Chase Truck Radio and GPS

    We are doing some work to our chase truck which includes a more permanent solution for two radios and a GPS. The truck is a 2010 F350 Crew Cab with a front bench. I would like to fabricate a console of sorts that I could mount two Kenwood remote head units and a 7" GPS that would fit on the...
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    San Felipe COC Lost and Found

    The F&L Racing Fuel crew picked up a spare tire/wheel that must have been tossed off a truck on the course. We have it here at the shop in Long Beach. PM me to claim it.
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    MORE Class 10

    The F&L Racing Fuel Class 10 team is considering entering the M.O.R.E. Freedom 250. The car now has a Honda K24 with Motec. Are there any objections to this setup for M.O.R.E Class 10? It has been inspected and sealed and is a legal SCORE Class 10.
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    Pro-10 Engine Rules

    with all the changes in Class 10 engines, what rules will Pro-10 be going by? VW, Eco, Honda/Acura, etc...displacement, differences between 1 or 2 seat.
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    any motec guys in San Felipe?

    We are having problems with the electronics in our prerunner and it seems like it is related to the computer. If anyone is down in San Felipe and can help out, please let me know. Thanks!
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    San Felipe Prerun

    Anyone prerun San Felipe yet?
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    MORE Class 10 Points Champs...F&L Racing Fuel

    Congratulations to everyone involved in the F&L Racing Fuel Class 10 effort in winning the MORE points class championship. With 4 wins, 1 second, and 1 fourth, the team was able to put up enough points to go into the last race of the season with a lead that all but clinched the class...
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    B1K Class 11 Champs F&L Racing Fuel

    The F&L Racing Fuel Class 11 team got the bug to the finish line for the win after a 43 hour battle with Baja. Normally a Class 10 entry, we decided to take on this challenge in the bug for the peninsula run. We did it, and I could not be any more proud to be a part of the team. We will get...
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    Flight from La Paz

    We are trying to get two more guys on the flight from La Paz today. If anyone out there has not canceled their flight due to not getting to La Paz, can you. It might help us out. Thanks a lot.
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    Trophy Kart carb part needed

    I am having a hard time finding the blue plastic piece that sits on the top of the carb. It has the nipple for the fuel line. Trophy Kart, Flemming, Kar Tek dont have any. Foddrill in AZ is shipping one, but wont be here until Thursday at best. Anyone have any other ideas where to get one or...
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    MORE Freedom 250 Trophy Kart Race

    The MORE Freedom 250 will feature the second MORE Trophy Kart race. We want to again get the kids out racing and want this to be a positive experience for everyone involved. The plan is to have a first race with JR1 and JR2 karts, then a modified kart race. The TK's will be racing through...
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    Old 1000 map Ens to La Paz

    Does anyone have a map from the last time the thousand went to La Paz? We are putting together an auction item for a school fundraiser to auction a 100 mile section in this year's thousand in the the F&L Class 11. Knowing that this year's map will not be available for quite a while, i thought...
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    Milestone today...anyone?

    We are thinking about heading out this afternoon to Milestone in Riverside today. After last week's Lucerne Valley race, the F&L Trophy Kart drivers are itching for some more seat time in the Karts. We will be in an F350 pulling the white F&L Racing Fuel enclosed trailer. With just one desert...
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    MORE F&L Trophy Kart Race

    The next MORE Race, the ORAF 500 will feature a Trophy Kart race on Sunday morning after the main race. The F&L Racing Fuels Trophy Kart Challenge will be a ten lap race around a one mile course. There will be two classes, Junior 1 (ages 7-11, stock Kart) and Junior 2 (ages 12-15, stock Kart)...