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  1. PSWPete

    April 6th Johnson Valley Land Use Meeting

    I am not sure how many people get the notifications for these meetings. Disappointing these are held in Lucerne on a big race weekend in Mexico. Seems intentional although after attending the meeting last year, I am not sure it would matter. Only 3 other attendees besides me and my family...
  2. PSWPete

    Johnson Valley Shared Use Area Public Meeting

    It does not seem as though the Save the Desert section gets much attention so I will leave this here. For those that live in Southern California that might be interested in attending. From the Marines 29 Palms External Affairs page Johnson Valley "Representatives from the Marine Corps and...
  3. PSWPete

    Hello my name is Pete

    I have been involved in off-road racing for many years specializing in vehicle retrieval. I have visited this site for a long time and finally decided to join.