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  1. Brian Dobroth

    Longevity plasma cutter?

    at our shop we have a esab power cut 875 and the units probably coming on 8-10 years old and runs like new. just replace the torch parts (tip nozzle and sometimes the cup) and your golden. Other then that very little issues.. only minor hiccups in the beginning.
  2. Brian Dobroth

    Pit box socket Holders

    probably don't wanna drop the coin but the snap on rails truly hold the sockets on and even when my tool box is knocked over and sometimes tossed around in my moto hauler the sockets stay attached.... if not the foam with drilled holes sounds pretty good alternative and inexpensive.
  3. Brian Dobroth

    CO2 Bottle vs Compressor

    in the process of designing and building a class 7SX truck for either the baja 500 or 1000 (when its ready) i have read the SCORE manual cover to cover and didn't see anything that made the use of an on board air system in my truck illegal..... so two questions A do people do that? and secondly...