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    Ivan Stewart PPI Toyota TT

    Dang...thats soo awesome. Really wish I would of known about this, I would of ditched work for sure! Never got to see him race.....
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    DP-9 Premiere @ K-1Speed in Carlsbad Sunday Sept. 18th

    I ran down gecko rd in glamis next to Robby in the TT 2 seasons ago. Seeing that black and green truck in my rearview mirror almost made me pee my pants!!!
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    DP-9 Premiere @ K-1Speed in Carlsbad Sunday Sept. 18th

    Haha yes sir. I mostly just lurk these days :)
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    DP-9 Premiere @ K-1Speed in Carlsbad Sunday Sept. 18th

    See everyone there!
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    "Ladies Night V" on TOTALLY OFF ROAD RADIO This Wednesday Oct 13 2010 from 6-8PM!!!

    Re: "Ladies Night V" on TOTALLY OFF ROAD RADIO This Wednesday Oct 13 2010 from 6-8PM! I really hope everyone is listening...I'm laughing non-stop!
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    looking for 2 FAST drivers for the BAJA 1000..........

    Pretty awesome offer Pete. I'm off to go buy some lotto tickets so I can do this!
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    AGM Class 1??

    Jimco, BILSTEIN, Mercedes..... my guess.
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    !!! Off Road Expo ROLL CALL !!!

    I'll be there sat...gunna be fun to cruise around and actually get to see the show for once haha.
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    80's Rocker Night!

    If you rock a real python that would pretty much take the win!
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    80's Rocker Night!

    GG, I went and saw then at HOB last wednesday, and they have not, by any means, toned down their act! Cant wait for this weekend!
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    Off Road Night @ Stampede temecula

    The event was awesome. Thanks to Jim from TORR, Pat from Fast Aid, and Rat Sult for bookin the club, and to everyone that came out, donated, and had a good time. The radio show was a good one, I hope everyone listened. Cant tell everyone how bad I needed that last night, it's been rough since...
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    "bajalites" are born.....spy photos.....yes this truck just won the Mint 400.........

    Re: "bajalites" are born.....spy photos.....yes this truck is racing sf........... Looks good Pistola! trade straight across for a sick toyota???? :)
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    Official BAP Video Thread

    On board camera footage from my truck on lap 2 on sunday...enjoy! Watch in the beginning as I slide out in the mud in the CORR track and slam the concrete K-rail...good times!
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    Official BAP Photo Thread

    Any pics please of #1446 - silver tacoma - Thanks!
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    BAJA 1000 Update Thread

    Householder about 25 miles out from the finish line!
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    Who preps your race car?

    I dont want any doubt in my mind if something was done right so I do all the fabrication/race prep on my truck by myself. Plus I usually have to roll pennies for gas haha so it's not like I could afford to pay a high end shop anyway. But it is nice when the co-dawg comes over and helps with...
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    MDR Night Race Photos by RM

    1446...silver tacoma
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    MDR Calif 200 Pictures

    Nice shots. 1446 Please!
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    Mdr cali 200

    Cant wait...always one of the best races of the year! I'm rear start racing 1400 this year....gonna be a tough one with all the high horsepower v8's but we'll see what the toyota can pull off!
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    Why should you be able to race a TT even if you have one!

    If Adam was going that slow, he had a reason. He is not a slow driver. FYI, he placed top 5 at laughlin this year in his first SCORE race running the TT with a transplanted, tired 383 stroker out of his old Glamis truck that was swapped in the nite before because the real motor failed in...