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  1. Prefix Corp.

    Minotaur RAM 1500 (Build facility video)

    As requested... here is a short video from the Prefix Performance facility in Auburn Hills, MI, where the new Minotaur RAMs are converted.
  2. Prefix Corp.

    "Tequila Lime" Minotaur

    For those who asked... here is a link to to a photo of the green Minotaur that was on display at Barrett-Jackson, and has been touring the southern states. The Barrett-Jackson event was a blast! Thanks to all who joined us on the off-road DEMO course that we set-up and drove over 1,400 times...
  3. Prefix Corp.

    Minotaur Demo-Course Slated for Barrett-Jackson Event !

    During the upcoming Barrett-Jackson event in Scottsdale, AZ... Attendees will have an opportunity to see (and experience) the new MINOTAUR RAM 1500 conversion from Prefix Performance. Plans are underway to create a short demonstration course that showcases the vehicle's suspension and off-road...
  4. Prefix Corp.

    MINOTAUR RAM 1500 Video

    As requested, here is the video that shows features of the MINOTAUR RAM 1500.
  5. Prefix Corp.

    Minotaur RAM 1500 Southwest USA Tour

    SEMA was Great!!! Thanks to all who stopped by to see the truck and hang out. We're pleased to announce that in Vegas... Prestige Chrysler Jeep Dodge signed-on as the Las Vegas Dealership for the Minotaur! Congrats! and... we look forward to seeing that new truck on display. The Tour...
  6. Prefix Corp.

    Hello, We're Prefix Corporation.

    We are a new Sponsor to the Race-Dezert site, and builder of the new MINOTAUR RAM 1500 truck. Prefix began in 1979, and today... the organization is a single-source American manufacturing, prototype, and concept vehicle company, with wide ranging capabilities that support, automotive, aviation...