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  1. richard cretsinger

    50 different classes, really?????

  2. richard cretsinger

    On Topic Class 8 Truck Owners, Why-When-Where

    That's fine, they can protest a guy with a full frame, engine in stock location and weighs im sure a ton more. lol. most the guys I know that we are running against are pretty dang fast. We are slow pokes from Utah. I wish guys would either run class 8 or heavy metal. No bitchin or whiners.
  3. richard cretsinger

    On Topic Class 8 Truck Owners, Why-When-Where

    No I don't. I asked one of the guys that races that class all the time and he said no problem, he did say the 1450 guys would give me hell tho
  4. richard cretsinger

    On Topic Class 8 Truck Owners, Why-When-Where

    We still run our class 8, we are racing rage at the river this year, if anyone wants to form a class we would love to run in it. As for now, we are signed up in the 1450 pro class.
  5. richard cretsinger

    The Mint and Class 8

    I know its a long shot but are there any other Class 8s planning on running the 2019 Mint?
  6. richard cretsinger

    1000 Top 5 picks

    dale earnhart #2 jack black ricky bobby tom cruise and maybe, just maybe robby mother f in gordon
  7. richard cretsinger

    Bonneville OffRoad Racing updates

    This will be a great race for the UTV class. UTVshop is offering $500 to the winners of the Utv class and $500 to the winner of the Pro class, on top of the Borracing payout.
  8. richard cretsinger

    2015 BOR Mike Hickey Memorial Vernal Dinosaur Dash

    Thank you Borr for putting a race on in memory of my Uncle Mike, I know Bo and I really appreciate it. He loved offroad racing more then anyone I know. For our team, we had a brand new truck out there and it showed, with very little test time we did not do so well. We will get it together and...
  9. richard cretsinger

    The worlds top off-road vehicle fabricators?

    Matt Walrath, Mark Newhan, Paul @ZTFab, some of the best work that are true fabricators.
  10. richard cretsinger

    Bonneville Off-Road Racing still looking to race in 2015

    I 2nd the 2 day event like BAP, kind of hard to run a truck for only a few miles like that.
  11. richard cretsinger

    Bonneville Off-Road Racing 2015 season announcement

    @snoreracer we will be racing a few of the races this year, especially caliente. Ridgecrest may be in the cards as well.
  12. richard cretsinger

    Bonneville Off-Road Racing 2015 season announcement

    @_TimS Nope, just stating what was said. If the course was not marked correctly, then that's borrs fault. But you have to think where the hell common sense is. If it doesn't look like a road, then it propably isn't. Now, some of the courses that Alan has done has some new areas or areas that...
  13. richard cretsinger

    Bonneville Off-Road Racing 2015 season announcement

    Well this sucks for all of us, thanks all of you 50 yarders for messing things up. Wendover is a beautiful desert area, and one of my favorite race courses and was really looking forward to bringing out the new class 8 truck for some break in. Cutting corners is something that hacks and cheaters...
  14. richard cretsinger

    who is racing class 8 at the SF250

    I know a guy who knows a guy whos building a new class 8 truck. All to the current rule book and everything. the only thing I wish I would have done is keep the cab on it, I love the idea of being able to race 4 different classes at any given moment, but owe well, what is done is done. Be out...
  15. richard cretsinger

    SNORE 2015

    bummer, was really wanting to try that Cedar City race. But I do love Caliente
  16. richard cretsinger

    Team Ford Class 8000 Challenge --> $5,000 Bonus for BWDC

    please do Mark, we will be ready! Class 8 is not dead.
  17. richard cretsinger

    Who's your favorite Trophy Truck driver and why?

    Rg, because he's rg. He also took time for a photo with my son when he was in salt lake for the worst desert race ever and was in a hurry to catch a plane and still took time with him. Voss, chased for him in baja a few years back in baja and had a great time with him and his team. Great guys...
  18. richard cretsinger

    Shop Tour: Geiser Brothers

    Matt Walrath's garage. the guy is a fabrication god.
  19. richard cretsinger

    Wilwood vs Brakeman vs ProAm

    We decided to go with Brake Man, seems like they really want your business and they are willing to do what ever it takes to help get there name out there more.