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  1. lbcprerunner19

    Just watched DP 9 and saw the scene where we're towing out "Jessie" James. Miss ya bud I know...

    Just watched DP 9 and saw the scene where we're towing out "Jessie" James. Miss ya bud I know you're watching over all of us in the desert.
  2. lbcprerunner19

    Optima batteries

    thanks for clarifying. I really should disconnect it when it sits for a while. It's unfortunate for the people that have had issues, but I just checked (last time I drove it was last Wednesday) and it measured 12.8 on the dot.
  3. lbcprerunner19

    Optima batteries

    What date was the split between when Optimas were good and when they became crappy? I've had my red top in my prerunner for about 2 years and it only drives once every two weeks and I've never had an issue with my Optima.
  4. lbcprerunner19

    1990 Ranger Rebuild

    I think I can speak on behalf of the rest of the members when I say we are interested in seeing the dyno sheets. Sweet beadlock rings too!
  5. lbcprerunner19

    SNORE Dusty Times Caliente 250 '12 RE-CAP Video: MWP

    cool video! you've been keeping busy mr. Wilson
  6. lbcprerunner19

    Chuck Strange.....

    I had the pleasure to work a couple racers with Mr. Strange and to be pulled out by him as well. I'm glad I'll always have the closing credit scene at the end of DP 9 to remember a real good time. Thanks for the memories Chuck. I'm going to put a little purple on my truck in memoriam.
  7. lbcprerunner19

    Banks wasting money

    That must be a capital one thing. I've overpaid on my Wells Fargo card and my account just had the extra credit I paid added to my credit allowance Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
  8. lbcprerunner19

    *OFFICIAL* SCORE Baja 1000 Update Thread

    does anyone have an update on TT #27 Crinklaw? Tracker says they're 20 miles out from the finish but it hasn't been updated in 6 hours
  9. lbcprerunner19

    Long Beach Racers Baja Series Tacoma Build

    Looks great guys keep it up. I'll always root for the local guys!
  10. lbcprerunner19

    Free Off-Road Expo Tickets!

    77 random guess
  11. lbcprerunner19

    ASCC stock mini or full

    I believe they have to be 2 wheel drive
  12. lbcprerunner19


    I will be there with my white ranger
  13. lbcprerunner19

    Simmer Racing 7242 Video

    good to see someone from Lakewood racing! Good luck guys!
  14. lbcprerunner19

    the greatest moment in sports ever

    The Kirk Gibson home run is the most overrated home run in the history of baseball! The greatest sports moment is in the 1960 World Series Bill Mazeroski hit a walk off home run against the Yankees in game 7 to win the world series. Replacement String:
  15. lbcprerunner19

    Class Uno

    Nice! I've been following this mostly on DR and it looks like it's going to be awesome. I can't wait for videos of it in action!
  16. lbcprerunner19

    1990 Ranger Rebuild

    sick as F! I love those rear shock mounts. I also like those tubes protecting the shocks. I can't wait to see what the engine cage is going to look like
  17. lbcprerunner19

    Dirt 3: No TT's Or Class 1's?!?!

    I checked and all of the assists are off. It's really weird. I tried googling it and nothing came up on it. Thanks though!