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    Driver for hire

    If any teams need a last minute driver lmk. Your driver gets sick, injured, 5150, or backs out, give me a ring. I have a little experience, taught Eugenio how to drive, Taught dan200 woodworking, taught Fishdood how to fish, taught Welchel how to eat. Easy to get along with, have own chase team...
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    Tony Teller Tips?

    get to work Tony!
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    Baja 1000 map

    Does anyone have a link to the b1k course download? Can't find it on Scores website(Which I think is A horrible website) Thanks.
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    When is it safe to unbuckle?

    A couple years back the General chase team pulled up to their vehicle in Borrego and everyone unbuckled right before the chase truck stopped and were instantly involved in a devastating head on with massive injuries. I rolled my 1600 at Laughlin during practice, a very dusty day w all classes...
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    R.I. P. Opee

    It is with great sadness to report a true Baja champion has died. Opee had over 10,000 race miles and I was blessed to watch him win the Baja 500. Opee spent his retirement working with autistic children. Vaya con Dios Opee.
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    Darren Skilton Accident (2014)

    Prayers sent out to Darren Skilton, a Baja veteran involved in a horrific crash today. Any reports of his condition would be appreciated. we should all keep him in our prayers.
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    Herbst new funding:Marijuana

    Hopefully they paint the trucks green: http://m.reviewjournal.com/columns-blogs/inside-gaming/medical-marijuana-and-casino-interests-continue-mix
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    RIP Jim Garner

    Sad the off-road racing world list another pioneer, Vaya con Dios James Rockford and thanks for the memories.
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    New 3 cyl Ecotec class?

    3 new ecoterrorism 3 cylinders
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    Reality of Fatality

    First of all I'd like to pay respects to a fallen racer,Jeff Johnson. He succumbed to injuries received at BAP. I did not know Jeff personally but I consider all racers my family members. We all have 2 families,our real and race families. I think the reality of fatality is overlooked when we...
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    Del Mar Tuff Trucks

    Del mar fairgrounds today and tomorrow at 1 and 5 pm. This is a standing room only event so get here early. Admission is $15-$12 if you get the albertsons coupon. Come watch Nick Tonneli, Dan Vance,Pistol Pete,Brett Sloppy, Fish, and 4x champion Dave Caspino. There's everything from super...
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    Team Speed Energy cheating (again)

    We all know what happened at the Mint 400 where lala Laguna was caught using an illegal tire, then slashed it/ changed it right in front of everyone in post tech. Now Robby allegedly cheating at Parker? Wtf? And now the story of alledged assaults / battery after the fact due to Pistols Facebook...
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    Greg Hempel- injured

    Please send prayers out for Greg Hempel who broke his neck yesterday when his cage collapsed in a roll over. Greg was flown to Vegas to treat his injuries.
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    Chuck Strange.....

    Vaya con Dios Amigo....thanks for all your rescues Chuck. Every time I see a RollsRoyce I'll think of you!
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    500 Boobies

    Be careful this weekend prerunning Erendria, yesterday locals had 2 nice sized booby traps right when you hit the sand wash, one has concrete and lead pipes under it. They re both widow makers especially if your on a bike. The lines have all been changed by the locals here so be very careful in...
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    Baja 500 GPS

    Can somebody post the Baja 500 gps files for Motion X. Thanks can't seem to find them on SCORE.
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    Banned from BITD-1st Amendment Violation

    I recieved a ban from BITD for the rest of 2012 for commenting on the RPM/Lalo Laguna cheating incident. A gross violation of my 1st Amendment rights. Casey said Lalo did not course cut, the hypothetical photos were photoshopped and were proven fakes by experts.(who Clyde Stacy?) Casey told me...
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    Class 6100 rules are out on BITD

    Very easy too, same as 7200 but a sealed turnkey V8. BITD RULE-11.420-86:trackwidth must be 85" at widest point measured at spindle height 11.420-87: Vehicle must have 8 cylinders 11.420-88: Engine must be supplied by designated engine builder...
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    Congrats to AL Hogan on Mint 400 WIN!

    You did it you old coot, on your 75th birthday too