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  1. Dez_Annihilation

    Top 10 Race Car Shops

    I believe it used to be (Savage+Perrault+Davis=SPD) and now its (Ivan davis + Dave perrault=ID) with no Savage
  2. Dez_Annihilation

    I call Bull Sheet on Terrible Herbst!!!!

    The section form KM 52 or 54 where ever we hop on the highway to Cocos is still considered an open highway so anyone can be coming backwards up the "course"
  3. Dez_Annihilation

    NORRA Pictures and Updates

    I don't think that's necessary Mark knows who the owner/driver is of the other car, and I'm sure they will be in contact. The whole thing was an accident, but its just a bummer they didn't stop and just kept going!
  4. Dez_Annihilation

    Curt LeDuc Swap Meet Wish List

    Saturday night buyers were definitely better than the Sunday morning buyers
  5. Dez_Annihilation

    Curt LeDuc Swap Meet Wish List

    Most of the 1600 front end stuff got sold Saturday night.
  6. Dez_Annihilation

    Curt LeDuc Swap Meet Wish List

    McMillin Racing will be there, and we will have a Patton 454 small block Chevy, Fox racing shox, King race series bypass shocks, CNC calipers, CNC master cylinders, headers, mufflers, drive shafts, hubs, multiple 1600 king kong spindles, arms, torsion bars, torsion fingers, spring plates...
  7. Dez_Annihilation

    Cameron Parrish of McMillin Racing-Mechanic of the Year

    Yeah vote for Cameron Parrish
  8. Dez_Annihilation

    Bay of LA

    It's not paved all the way to Gonzaga yet, but its close.
  9. Dez_Annihilation

    LDC Videos?

    Smack the lip and WAPAHH!
  10. Dez_Annihilation

    vegas 2 reno on versus ( now nbc sports) today!!

    I was told the same thing by the guys from Lucas Oil Productions
  11. Dez_Annihilation

    New go pro hero2 vs OG???

    The protective case was being used but it was drilled out to allow the the charging cord and the mic cord to be plugged in and then a little bit of silicone was used to seal it from the elements, but GoPro does make what they call a skeleton case which has the whole side of the camera case cut...
  12. Dez_Annihilation

    New go pro hero2 vs OG???

    Here is a video from the 1000 with the audio input using the Hero2 http://youtu.be/uNnDcVHW0tQ?hd=1
  13. Dez_Annihilation

    McMillin & Skilton Pictures/Updates

    At 11:18am PST the tracker wouldn't even show Skilton, but McMillin was at WP2
  14. Dez_Annihilation

    McMillin & Skilton Pictures/Updates

    No Word whats going on, but I'll call them later to get an update on both vehicles.
  15. Dez_Annihilation

    McMillin & Skilton Pictures/Updates

    I got a call from Max this morning around 8:30am he said they got it going again it was an engine valve issue and some head gasket issues, but the jeep was about to start the next stage.
  16. Dez_Annihilation

    GoPro HERO 2

    Here is a short clip of the HD2 at the Baja 1000 hooked up through the intercom. http://youtu.be/uNnDcVHW0tQ?hd=1
  17. Dez_Annihilation

    baja prerun reports......track and hwy conditions...

    As your driving north from Santo Tomas to Uruapan after the first big hill when your leaving the Santo Tomas Valley you get to the top the highway goes left and its right there
  18. Dez_Annihilation

    Tribute to the ''IRONMAN''

    Awesome video thanks for sharing. Ivan was one BAD DUDE!!!!
  19. Dez_Annihilation

    Anyone have any pic's of 603 after RM 165 or before please post

    Damn Mark your like a big deal now signing autographs! hahah congrats on the finish the SWU team has been long overdue for a baja finish.
  20. Dez_Annihilation

    Proud Day for Major Performance Racing Engines

    Andy you built an awesome motor you shoulda seen it we were catching and passing 12 cars all day!!! It was bitchen!!!