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  1. Sparky

    Official BITD Parker 425 Thread

    Are you covering qualifying?
  2. Sparky

    Eric Heiden and 4 Wheel Parts Jeepspeed

    Yep, that was us. We also won the overall MDR series championship with that truck.
  3. Sparky

    Lost at Parker...***Reward!!***

    Well, no light. Someone did post a pic on FB of us on the goat trial with the light hanging by the harness under the front of the car...still lit too. I contacted the photographer and he said the light stayed on as he watched us move on down the course. Glad to hear others in this thread have...
  4. Sparky

    Lost at Parker...***Reward!!***

    We need more people like you in this world.
  5. Sparky

    Grove Vs Voss Parker 425 incar ((VIDEO))

    Who cares what was better than what...that was awesome to watch!
  6. Sparky

    Lost at Parker...***Reward!!***

  7. Sparky

    Lost at Parker...***Reward!!***

    Our team lost a 40" Rigid Industries amber LED light off the front of our Jeep when we stuffed the nose into a hole. We didn't notice it was gone until the car arrived at the finish line. If you find the bar, please contact me so we can arrange for it to be returned to Rigid. We are offering...
  8. Sparky

    How big will Parker be?

    THAT would be cool.
  9. Sparky

    Aerodynamics in off road racing

    I've been waiting for someone to do that. Send us some pics!!
  10. Sparky

    Jeepspeed - Get off the couch and race!

    Very nice!
  11. Sparky

    CANIDAE Racing Welcomes Rigid Industries to its Roster of Industry Leading Sponsors

    Re: CANIDAE Racing Welcomes Rigid Industries to its Roster of Industry Leading Sponso Rigid bling is good bling.
  12. Sparky

    Leaking fuel filter connections?

    Right or wrong, I have always uses some teflon paste (not tape!) on the NPT stuff. No sealer ever on the AN fittings. I have had bad swivel fittings that have leaked so it might be the fitting itself.
  13. Sparky

    Dixon Bros. Silverado 2500 4x4 Long Travel Kits. Opinions Needed.

    Look at the Pure Performance kit. Rigid has one on their pre-run/chase truck (also a 2500 crew cab Dmax) and it works great. They are down pre-running the 500 in it right now. http://www.facebook.com/PPSuspension?ref=ts
  14. Sparky

    HEY FAST GUYS...You want to pass someone FASTER?

    If someone is going to jack-rabbit they are going to do it whether or not you have a light. They either do it when they see the light or do it when your grill fills their mirror.
  15. Sparky

    What does it take to codrive?

    LOL...do not EVER get him off course. How the hell you been? Going to ever make it back out to a race?
  16. Sparky

    HEY FAST GUYS...You want to pass someone FASTER?

    I brought that up after Parker back in 2008 (the old thread is out there somewhere). I've even talked to Casey at BITD about making it mandatory for the faster classes to run a front facing amber. In heavy dust we usually can't see the faster guys until they pop out of the dust right behind...
  17. Sparky

    Anzo led light bars

    Made overseas with 60 day warranty and basically zero customer support VS MADE IN THE USA, lifetime warranty, awesome customer support, and amazing racer support when you buy from Rigid. Tough choice there.
  18. Sparky

    Night races

    Basically that was it. We are just looking for a night race. Thank you!
  19. Sparky

    Night races

    Does anyone know of any night races this summer? Was looking at the Freedom 250 but there isn't any race info listed yet. Specifically looking for something in Barstow/Lucerne or maybe even Ridgecrest. Thanks!
  20. Sparky

    What does it take to codrive?

    If I still lived in El Cajon I would take you up on that offer.