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  1. Sparky

    Lost at Parker...***Reward!!***

    Our team lost a 40" Rigid Industries amber LED light off the front of our Jeep when we stuffed the nose into a hole. We didn't notice it was gone until the car arrived at the finish line. If you find the bar, please contact me so we can arrange for it to be returned to Rigid. We are offering...
  2. Sparky

    Night races

    Does anyone know of any night races this summer? Was looking at the Freedom 250 but there isn't any race info listed yet. Specifically looking for something in Barstow/Lucerne or maybe even Ridgecrest. Thanks!
  3. Sparky

    Rigid's new Rear Race Bar

    We got our new Rear Race Bar from Rigid and got it installed for the Mint. This is one bar that contains safety lights (blue and amber for our class), tail lights, brake lights, and a clear work light. All are on separate circuits and can be controlled individually. This makes for a super...
  4. Sparky

    Got me a new scammer on the hook...

    Bwahahahahaaa!!! Here is the email thread so far. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Date: Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 8:33 AM Subject: Re: BAD SITUATION To: Brandis Holland <brandisholland@hotmail.com> Have you offered to perform fellatio on the hotel manager? That should be...
  5. Sparky

    Trans rebuilder in Phoenix

    Anyone know a good transmission rebuilder in Phoenix? The trans on my wife's F150 is starting to slip in 2nd gear. It doesn't need anything trick - just a nice rebuild. Thanks!
  6. Sparky

    Who got the dirtiest at ORAF?

    I think I did. Full race report later, but here is a preview...
  7. Sparky

    How NOT to do it...

    So this guy was bragging about the use of his big $$ switches and running it all through relays, etc... Looks clean, but...
  8. Sparky

    NORRA 1000 tracking

    Is it just me or is the track way off of the course?
  9. Sparky

    Cryogenic treatment

    Anyone have any recommendations for a good company, preferably in Arizona?
  10. Sparky

    Strange CV question

    I had someone recently tell me that a mid-engine car is harder on CVs than a rear engine car. He couldn't state a reason, just that it was a "known fact". I guess it could be due to extra weight of the engine being in front of the CVs so the center of gravity is further forward which somehow...
  11. Sparky

    Let the debate begin!

    So did Robby drive at less than 100% just to get the finish, or was he going for it and flat out got beat by Andy in his Geiser? Can we now claim that Geiser builds the best performing TT? Disclaimer: This is just for fun - no flaming or insults!!
  12. Sparky

    GadZooks Racing welcomes Rigid Industries as our new lighting sponsor.

    New LED hotness!! The new car is going to look great when outfitted with Rigid's E-series light bars. Founded in 2001, Rigid Industries has been providing off road products and accessories at a great value. Customer service has always been a cornerstone, as well as innovation. Cutting...
  13. Sparky

    Gadzooks Racing 1717 Race Report - MORE Chili Cookoff

    Race report from a co-driver perspective The morning of Thursday Setpember 10th I walked into the garage and looked at my pre-runner (my YZ250F) sitting totally disassembled, waiting for the new piston and timing chain that was supposed to have arrived the previous Friday. My plan was to...
  14. Sparky

    1400/1450 whiners...

    Seriously, are you guys NEVER happy? First, you complain that Jeepspeed is going to ruin your events because we are too slow. Now at the MORE Chili Cookoff you file a complaint that the Jeepspeed cars were nerfing you! So which is it, are we too slow or too fast? When someone is...
  15. Sparky

    Help with CV identification

    It has the following numbers - 7 153 21 01 10 001 Lobro 895 A search came up with nada. Thanks!
  16. Sparky

    Thank you to all the fast guys at Parker

    We just wanted to send out a Thank You to all the fast guys that passed us at Parker. Everyone was great about giving us a chance to move over. We tried to watch the mirrors and get over before you were on our bumper, but a couple popped out of the dust and surprised us. So THANK YOU all...
  17. Sparky

    Catheter? Depends? Just go in your suit?

    Any other ideas? I've tried a catheter in the past and it worked ok. Anyone try Depends?
  18. Sparky

    Tire mounting - tire vs rim width

    I ran into an issue with getting some tires mounted over the weekend. I was trying to get a 12.5" tire mounted on a 8" rim, and no shop wanted to do it. They said it had to go on a 10" rim. I talked to about a dozen shops. In talking to one shop, he said the widest tire they could mount...
  19. Sparky

    Class 10 tire sizes

    Working with an older a-arm Jimco chassis. Chassis is one of the early a-arm cars, probably from the mid-90's. Mid-engine, Toyota power. Putting a plan together to rebuild the car and get it back out into the desert. It was originally running 33x10.50 Bajas in the back, and the typical BFG...
  20. Sparky

    Mid-board, micro stub, floater...

    New to the buggy stuff - been around trucks mostly. I know what the difference is between a mid-board and a micro-stub. I heard someone talking about a "floater" style from Fortin - is that the same as a mid-board? From the pics I have found they look similar. Thanks!