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  1. RacerX

    Johnson Valley Public Meeting

    Anyone going out to the meeting this Saturday? Public Meeting Scheduled to Address Land Use in the Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Area MORENO VALLEY, Calif. - Representatives from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the...
  2. RacerX

    Johnson Valley Shared Use Area Temporary Closure Notice, August 1-30, 2016

    My brother has been emailing the BLM office in regards to a GPS file so we have some knowledge of the boundary area out there while riding. The lady at the office had sent him an email today with notification of closure of the shared area next year. Along with the email was information on an app...
  3. RacerX

    Distractions On the Course!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know from traveling through TJ that you run into the window washing guys at the stop lights all the time. But c'mon, do they really need to be on the course too. I hope they got tipped. Maybe they got steekers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqG6zsghnv0&feature=related
  4. RacerX

    What do people live for?

    I saw this on another board. Pretty interesting story. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95J-ofDPPDE
  5. RacerX

    NO AMA Outdoor Nationals Glen Helen

    I saw this on Glen Helens site. OFFICIAL STATEMENT Glen Helen Raceway regretfully announces that it will not host Round two of AMA 250/450 Nationals on May 29, 2010. There has been long negotiations between MX Sports and Glen Helen Raceway in regards to the event. As a previous host of...
  6. RacerX

    15 Freeway Closure This weekend; Cajon Pass

    Be advised!!!!!!!!! Southern California Edison plans to work on overhead electrical wires in Hesperia this weekend, prompting closures of the 15 Freeway. SCE officials said the closures will be on the north- and southbound 15 Freeway from Oak Hills Road to Joshua Street from 6 to 10 a.m...
  7. RacerX

    Palmdale to Barstow to Vegas Dual Sport Ride

    Is anyone on here doing the Palmdale to Barstow to Vegas ride in November? My brother and I are going to do it. It will be our first time doing this ride. Just seeing if anyone on RDC is going to be there.
  8. RacerX

    Somalian Pirates

    Is anyone else following this story. I cant believe this. The Somalian's are messing with the wrong people. Its kinda of funny to see a standoff between and the Somalians, in a rescue boat, against 2 US Destroyers. I hope they rescue the captain back and destroy the Somalian pirates and all off...
  9. RacerX

    Blackberry Storm!!

    Who has it and what do you think of it? I am thinking of getting one, but I need to be a little more convinced.
  10. RacerX

    What would you buy?

    Found this in the classifieds. Protruck or the GT40? (Linked)
  11. RacerX

    Coyotes kill relocated SoCal tortoises

    Looks like its shoot to kill to protect the turtles. I wonder how many fake turtle attacks there are. http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/story?section=news/state&id=6087269
  12. RacerX

    Fearless to the CORR DVD

    I found this movie trailer on Robby Gordons site. This movie looks awesome. I cant figure out how to just put the movie in the post, so you have to go to his site and watch it. None the less it looks like an amazing movie. Anyone heard anything about it...
  13. RacerX

    Norman Test Video

    I saw this on the DirtNewz site. Its Norman motorsports test video in barstow. Awesome footage.
  14. RacerX

    Starting Grid Pro2/Lite/4/Spec

    I haven’t been able to get anything out of CORR about what they are going to as far as number of vehicles that will race at a time. With hearing of the possibility of 30+ Pro-2's next season (Cissy Baldwin told me at Primm that there were 15 new guys racing Pro-2 next year), how is...
  15. RacerX

    Pro Spec

    Is anyone racing this class next year? I havnt heard of anyone building a truck for the class.
  16. RacerX

    2008 CORR Locations?

    When are the locations going to be released for the dates already scheduled?
  17. RacerX

    AV Schedule

    Why did they change the times to start so late? Is it because of the heat or what? Saturday Gates Open to the Public - 11:00 a.m. Autograph Session - 12:30 p.m.-1:30 p.m. Trophy Kart & UTV/Rhino Races -1:00 p.m. -2:45 p.m. Single Buggy- 3:00 p.m. Super Buggy- 4:00 p.m. Opening...
  18. RacerX

    WSORR or CORR..Who's racing where this weekend

    Both series have races this weekend. Dirtsports had the list of drivers and who was racing what series. Some drivers said there racing both. But who is going to be where this weekend. I had heard Johnny is racing CORR and Renezeder is racing WSORR. Who else is switching around? Anyone confirm...
  19. RacerX

    New Race Truck Idea

    A friend showed me this vehicle. Its 6 wheel independent electric driven wheels. Unmaned autonomous vehcicle. Probably the coolest thing I have ever seee. This vehicle would laugh at simpsons hill in mexico. I want one. Anything named the crusher is a gonna be a BAMF. Watch all 3 movies...
  20. RacerX

    Nissan 7200 Testing

    After 17 years of sitting in a warehouse and over a year of cleaning and reworking, the factory built Nissan made its maiden voyage. Many said it would never work, never run and we were wasting our time. Saturday proved to be a successful day. The test session was just to shake the truck down...